Sunday, June 26, 2011

Point of Saturation

I am feeling really unenthused about clothes at the moment. My weekly trip to Savers - as much a part of my art practice as drawing or painting - has not been giving me the same thrill as it usually does. I could take or leave any item I pick up and I don't feel excited to purchase anything which is very strange for me. The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps I have reached a point of true saturation in my wardrobe. Is it possible that I have everything? Well, not everything, but at least every item of clothing that I would need to create some variation of any outfit I desire or see?

Perhaps this period is me realizing the unimportance of clothes, of material possessions in general in living a happy, healthy, satisfied life. (Unlikely). My fear is not this but that I have outgrown the pieced together look from Savers and am craving a more expensive, polished look only gained from shops that have everything on wooden coat-hangers and shop assistants who look like models. These things have never been in my reach although I have desired them, now that I am older do I feel like I deserve them? There's no thrill in this though and my bank account would be in negative numbers.

I guess all I know is that I like clothes a lot and that I have a lot. I pray for the return of the thrill and motivation in the hunt rather than desire for them all to be perfect and in front of me (at a price, of course). Maybe I've outgrown Savers, or maybe this is a ridiculous phase. I can hear my friend Louise now as she reads this "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?" I know, this is radical.

A quote from today -
Me: "Don't worry, I have them (my clothes) all under control"
Mum: "I think they are controlling you"


  1. argh this is so weird because i went through this exact thing. I got so over savers and then chucked out about 70% of my clothing ( all of which were from savers or opshops ) I like my clothes now so much better. Admittedly i don't really have a style anymore though.

  2. Oh Yalei you know what's up! I think I've gone too far or something like it is totally ridiculous the amount of clothes I have. I hate thinking about it actually. Most of it needs to go back to the Op Shop but I have attachment issues.... hoarding tendencies......... uh oh