Monday, June 13, 2011

Luck be a lady

16. Do you believe in luck? Or do you think that it is simply coincidence? OR do you believe that luck is just a socially created answer to what we can’t explain. Or all of them?

I think I believe all of the above. Luck is essentially coincidence. I do not believe everything that happens in the universe is predetermined, thus luck is basically these chaotic happenings, happening, and recognized as having either a profoundly positive or negative impact on our lives. Luck is just the 'happenings' of the universe - so I suppose every event that occurs is luck, both good luck, bad luck, mediocre luck, unnoticeable luck, mundane luck, winning ten million dollars luck. It's just people and things colliding resulting in varying outcomes, whether we register them or not.

Luck is not a force that chooses who to bestow goodness or badness upon, however it is something we can believe in because as individuals we have some control over it. As humans we have the power to make decisions which make up a never ending chain of events - our lives. Every 'happening' is a result of us or someone around us making a decision to take an action - physically, emotionally, mentally... Good luck is the outcomes of these decisions going our way. Bad luck is the outcomes of these decisions not going our way. How hard do you spin the wheel of fortune?

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