Thursday, June 9, 2011

"It's all happening"

Over the past week at Uni we have had entirely uninterrupted studio time to prepare for the end of semester assessment. I've been coming in at 9.30 each day and really working hard. I love what comes out of uninterrupted time in the studio - there's good work and bad work and lots of it. Then there's the feeling that you really truly cannot do any more, which is what I felt like this afternoon so I got a Kit Kat and wandered the studios for a while. I really am going to be sad to leave this environment, it's just so wonderful and especially when everyone gets their act together and really makes a lot of stuff just before assessment - the vibe is wonderful and you can feel the energy in the air. I love being reminded that there are people as strongly compelled to make things as I am.

I've been making some new drawings - three of which are pictured above. I've been working on butchers paper which is a really fantastically honest surface. When making these drawings I was thinking about the idea of simply 'filling space' as a child would do making a poster or something. I love the action of colouring in large areas with a texta that's a little too small and running out.


  1. love the drawings! although can I suggest a low gsm -eg 70gsm-archival paper will give you a similar feeling and be more stable on butchers the colour will fade with 14 months I would think.

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah you're probably right. I like the idea of it yellowing a bit but not too much. I'm going to go art supply shopping tomorrow yay! Will see what I can find in low gsm.