Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greener Grass

I bought new shoes which is pretty exciting for me. Right now, I'm wearing them on my bed and I can do this because they're new and haven't been walked anywhere outside my house like Flinders Street Station or the toilets at Uni.

Mentioning that I'm on my bed implies that I'm in my bedroom - and on the subject of bedrooms I was thinking about it as a place that can either be heaven or hell. Most of the time my room is fairly heavenly, reasonably clean, lots of books to read, all my precious belongings... but other times, when I've seen too much of my room lately and there's no other space to occupy and I've read all the books and my precious belongings are in my way - it's more similar to hell.

It's less extreme than this but sort of like if you lived in a cave your entire life, all you'd be thinking about would be getting out of the cave - then when you finally went to New York City it'd be loud and scary and you couldn't get back to this cave you live in fast enough.

It's like when I go out I'm thinking about going home. When I'm home like I am now, all I can think about is going out.

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