Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been thinking about boundaries. Not those of the school yard type but in particular 'invisible boundaries'. Invisible boundaries are those that people put up both purposely and involuntarily, they are the lines that you don't cross with a certain individual - physically and emotionally. I have friends who I'm quite close with but because of the physical boundaries I don't kiss them hello on the cheek. There are other friends who I can talk to for hours but we skirt around a particular issue because of the emotional boundaries. It's interesting why people have these boundaries with one but wouldn't have them with another. Personally I put up boundaries with certain people without really meaning to. Perhaps it's when one subconsciously feels threatened and it's a need to protect one's self from getting too close? From giving something away?

These boundaries are invisible but they also materialize in things like make-up and clothes and how you present and carry yourself. I think it all stems from the aesthetic signals someone gives out, too. These things both encourage people to put up boundaries - and ARE boundaries. Also, just to add more confusion to this ridiculous theory - boundaries are revolving - they can come down as quickly as they can come up.

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