Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanks Yalei :)

- A quality I would want in a future girlfriend/boyfriend = A sense of humor, interested in art, music, life in general, ability to teach me things about life/introduce me to another realm of this wide world.
- Something I am proud of = My family
- One of my insecurities = That the onslaught of anxiety/depression can come to haunt me at any time
- A secret = I've had my wedding song planned since I was 14.
- An ideal date = Going to an art gallery and walking around saying which person you'd be in each of the paintings.
- A turn on = Having a mix CD made for me
- A turn off = A lack of enthusiasm, a pessimistic attitude
- Something that makes me happy = Putting together a really good outfit. Loud music, people who don't turn down the music, finding something incredible at Savers, time by myself, dancing
- Something I regret = Many insignificant things here and there, usually saying something that sounded incredibly idiotic/brash in front of people I like/respect
- Something that’s on my mind = That the Australian version of 'The Amazing Race' is really not living up to my expectations
- A random fact about myself = I am incredibly organized
- Where I would like to live = In an old weatherboard house in the country and all my friends would come and visit and we'd make stuff and have parties and listen to Leonard Cohen and cook things with cinnamon in the kitchen and get around in 1950s aprons and head scarves.
- One of my bad habits = Postponing menial tasks
- Who I wish I could be = Peggy Guggenheim or Sunday Reed in the 1950s

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