Friday, May 6, 2011


This is an averagely photographed image of my work from the VCA painting show this week. I will confess I knocked it up the morning it was due - but I think that was part of it or something. Notoriously unorganized are us art students and I loved the blase urgency that people whipped out their paintings with, it was brilliant. This work is called 'Star Crossed Larvers' and is 28cm x 28cm. I feel happy because it was bought by a good friend of mine.

I was thinking about how great it feels to sell art, no so much the exchange of money for something you've made but just knowing that someone has your work to love and enjoy and to be a part of their lives. I'd prefer to sell something cheaply than to not sell it at all. That's the conclusion I've come to anyway. Now I must get back to watching Romeo and Juliet - OH LEO!

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