Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"The old (semi) broken heart"

One of my favourite Janis Joplin songs is 'Get it While You Can' which has been somewhat of a mantra for me the past few days. I'm not necessarily talking about sex but just thinking about being young and how important it is not to take it (youth, having the world at our fingertips etc) for granted - the usual stuff y'know.

The word 'YES' is important. Walking slow is important. Why and I rushing anyway? You miss so much stuff when you're just zooming on by. To 'get it while you can' you must engage fully with others and the world instead of just existing in your own space - you have plenty of time to do that in a hospital bed or in an old people's home or something. We're out, we're alive, healthy and able and I wanna soak up as much of the world that I can, you know, while I can.

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