Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nothing to do with it

Just following up from my plug for this exhibition yesterday - I made this invitation to hand out around the studios.

For Uni today I dressed up in an outfit I would have worn if I was meeting the President of the United States in the 1960s because the Premier of the State was coming to visit our studios. I was all excited and had my hair all bee hived up to perhaps shake his hand and pretend I was actually meeting the President of the United States at the White house in the 60s but he just walked right on by us all on his way through with his little entourage holding his umbrella for him.

I find that the more 'important' someone is, the louder their shoes sound when they walk. I could hear these people coming a mile away but their bark sure was louder than their bite.


  1. ahhh minna that's so great. You dressed up as a 60s bitch for the premier! love

  2. ps. go to my latest entry. I wouldn't mind seeing what things are circulating your life?
    Up to you though!