Sunday, May 15, 2011

The getting of wisdom

My wisdom teeth are coming through. This doesn't mean a lot however it did get me thinking about wisdom and how one goes about getting it. I am not wise. I feel like I among many others create some kind of illusion of being so by making broad sweeping statements with words and phrases included like 'life' and 'I think this is why'. I don't think necessarily wise people preach. I think wisdom is an innate ability to be truly empathetic, that is, to understand why others do what they do and why they make the decisions that they make.

Wisdom comes from experiences, although some are more prone to it than others. You could experience everything under the sun but still not be wise, however another could live in a little house in a little town leaving only for groceries once a week and have the wisdom of a thousand elephants. It depends largely on your perception of people and situations and the ability of your mind to be able to categorize them and look at them objectively sort of outside yourself. This whole blog is evidence that I am not wise, like... ah life and I think this is why... but I feel like wisdom will come to me one day, just not in the form of teeth.

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