Saturday, May 7, 2011


8. “ What other people think of us, is none of our business” Elaborate…

I've been thinking a lot about what other people think of me, actually. In particular, what people who you are in an intimate friendship/relationship/family relationship with think of you. It's easier to think about what someone from a distance would think of you, because to them it's more a surface judgement, a sweeping statement - but what about those close to you, who see every little twitch of your lip and hear every little under your breath comment and see every little imperfection in your skin? I think it is our business if we're in a relationship that's purpose is to be an equal exchange of love (or something similar) but be that as it may is it ever possible to really get the true gist of what and who you are to someone else?

I don't think so. It's indescribable, what we feel and think about others close to us. The only way I could put it into words would be that it's like an aura of a person that you understand only in the terms of your mind. It's what oozes out of these people not in words but in energy, it could be positive or optimistic or indigo or sharp... it could be totally nonsensical yet it's the pure essence of a person perceived through each of our individual senses. The closer you get to a person, the closer you look - the stronger and more apparent this inexplicable feeling is.

It is our business what other people think about us but we will never know. It's our business I suppose because we can't help but be curious, even we don't know ourselves - who ARE we? We're desperate for an objective view on our being that we will never receive because it's impossible - impossible to put into words, impossible to support and impossible to sustain.

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