Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cemetery Gates

Words have lately escaped me, perhaps they're all going into my essay that's due tomorrow. This does not make for exciting blog posts so in a vain attempt to make it up to you here is a playlist I made tonight. As usual you can download it straight to your Itunes from this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5akuwm6jiyjzq

1. 18 With A Bullet - Pete Wingfield
2. Jambalaya - Hank Williams
3. Cemetery Gates - The Smiths
4. Suzanne - Nina Simone
5. Strolypso Dance - Jackie Dee
6. Come And Get Your Love - Redbone
7. Government Hooker - Lady Gaga
8. Pure Shores - All Saints
9. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - The Carpenters
10. Seduced - Leon Redbone
11. I Like London In The Rain - Blossom Dearie
12. Honey To The Bee - Billie Piper

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