Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to change

If posting Youtube videos on my blog was aesthetically acceptable to me I would post this: No, my voice isn't changing inconveniently at the time that my brother just wrote a 'hit record' and the band that I'm in with my five other siblings only had one day to record it - however...

Recently I have felt like I got into a little bit of a rut with this blog. As you may have noticed - it was 'time to change' and after much deliberation (with myself) I arrived at this new layout and title. It's a shame I haven't been using my SLR camera much for posts, either. It seems that as soon as you get a huge expensive SLR camera there's something about your mobile phone camera that is just so much better.

So, above is a photo of my lava lamp and a silly photo of myself looking like something out of the photo album from my debutante ball. There's something so tragic about the poses they make you do in those 'professional' photographs.. alas I'm getting off topic. My blog looks shiny and new and I'm happy, I hope you like it too dear reader.

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