Saturday, April 9, 2011


This morning when I woke up, I opened my blind and saw the sky. Sometimes I'm in those moods when I really can look at everything like it's art, which to me means really seeing something. Everyone forgets that the world is beautiful until they read National Geographic or watch some documentary on Animal Planet or buy a book on orchids. The thing is that it's more than beautiful, it's this insane conglomeration of light and colour and life and only when you look at the sky or the ground or to the trees and see this writhing mass of living things do you realize that it's unlike anything you can physically describe or ever truly appreciate.

Pictures of the sky are a dime a dozen. Perhaps that's why I never really look at it. The pictures I took in my dazed haze on my Iphone look average. However, I recommend you stick your head out the window and look up, objectively - at the sky and really look at what you see.

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  1. oh oh oh
    Ages ago i couldn't sleep because of my insomnia, and after a really long night of watching rage i pretty much was like whatever i won't sleep. So i just stayed up the entire night then it was 5am and i heard the birds singing and i was like lets go into the garden and sit there and watch the sunrise. And i did and it was so weird/cool. The sky looked all stereotypical orange and pink but it was rad.