Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have a break

Where exactly does time go? Sometimes I feel like my life is a huge block of time in which I am doing a lot of things but not particularly achieving anything. When a day finishes and all I've done is talk shit I feel incredibly unsatisfied. The more exhibition openings I go to, the more I socialize - the more I get this feeling. We have all the time in the world, we're young and free - some lucky few are even beautiful - but there's this overarching feeling that we're WASTING IT. Time, that is.

I made this work in the installation room this week. The title is 'Come In And Have A Break' and it's pretty self explanatory. Just another avenue for people to waste time, get distracted, eat a Kit Kat. There were 99 Kit Kats on Monday and today (Wednesday) there are none left. That means either a) 99 people have come and seen my work or b) I have eaten a large portion of those Kit Kats and a few people who I told to go and have a Kit Kat politely helped themselves to one or two. I want to make a graph measuring the amount of people who walked in when there were Kit Kats to the amount of people who walked in when there was no Kit Kats. Kit Kats. I love em.


  1. I wish i did art and could spend my time makign cool shit like you do. I love writing, but i wish i could make stuff with my hands. Also, this kit kat peice reminds me of this peice that was exhibited at the Guggenheim ages ago. It was a pile of black lollies dumped in the corner of the gallery. There were shitloads and my friend Liz bought heaps home and i kept on eating all of them.

    As for your thoughts about time. I agree. I feel like i've wasted a lot of my youth doing nothing but going on fb, eating shit food, and thinking about being productive but not actually being productive. However, i can also think of a lot of rad shit that i've done. But somehow the feeling of wasted time sort of overarches over the good stuff that i've actually done.

    I have always wanted to be rich just for one reason. So i can have a house with lots of different rooms and each one especially designated to doing one type of thing. I think spacing myself out would actually make myself more productive.


  2. Oh Yalei, I love your comments, they always more eloquently explain what I'm trying to say!
    I know. Time wasting. Fuck. I bet I do it all day today.
    Also, Yalei there is no reason whatsoever why you couldn't make stuff with your hands! Just go for it girl. Pin stuff on your walls, buy a huge packet of textas and a huge roll of brown paper.. something will come of it. Whenever my high school friends tell me they wish they could 'do art' I am surprised because I see it as something that ANYONE can do it's just a matter of wanting to or needing to. You would be great, too.
    Yes also - I have seen that work you are talking about and as usual I have forgotten the name of the artist. But I loved it!
    Ah to be rich! The idea of the rooms is brilliant, maybe one day it will become a reality and you will be sitting in your internet room thinking "gosh I wish everything was in one place because then I'd get so much done" and I guess what I'm trying to say is maybe this feeling that we are wasting time will never vanish because we are always wasting time. There's this episode of Seinfeld where they're in the coffee shop talking about life and wondering what they are doing with it and Elaine says "CAN'T WE EVEN HAVE COFFEE ANYMORE?!" and it's like yeah. I mean you need to waste time. That's what living is or something. Just doing the shit you've got to do like eating and sleeping and talking shit with your friends.. Gosh I'm on a tangent here and I'm wasting your time but thanks for your comments, I love them, and I'm enjoying your blog. xoxox

  3. haha not wasting my time dude. I'm watching Wild Child with Emma Roberts. I hope you've seen this. It's so funny. She turns from L.A skank to this english proper boarding school girl. I really loved her hair when it was all blonde and yuck coz it was all volumous. Now, it's all thin and brown :-S

    - Yalei

  4. You know I have seen that film, not only have I seen it but I went to the MOVIES to see it and I watched it AGAIN on DVD!!! Oooooh gosh! But it's brilliant, obviously xox