Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Friday

This morning I navigated shards of glass on my friend's kitchen floor to reach the toaster. I felt like it was symbolic, but of what I'm not entirely sure. This is what I feel like about a lot of things. Last night we went to a Drag Show which was equally depressing and good fun. Drag Queens are beautiful, I have to say. Ever since I read a book called 'Eva Luna', by Isabel Allende, I have been in awe of them. They exist in this state that is neither one or the other and there's something so delicate about walking that line.

Before the Drag Show, we peeked into the dressing room of the Drag Queens and wished them good luck. Before that, we had a meeting with our newly formed Artist Collective. My friends in third year painting at VCA and I formed this group called 'YA', (Young Artists) and our third meeting was last night. I have to say, it is absolutely fantastic and I can't believe someone didn't think of it sooner. We begun talking about current exhibitions we have seen and other artists over a few beers, then organically it descended into a ridiculous orgy of art and music making. At the risk of sounding sentimental, it was really liberating and I really feel like this is a very important group of 'young artists.'

We have a blog, which I personally jazzed up a little. You can view it here at This is where photographs and videos from our meetings will be posted - also, artworks, exhibitions we recommend, information about the group's members, etcetera. If you are a young artist in Melbourne perhaps interested in joining, contact me and I'll give you the information about our next meeting.

What a Friday it is. On my way home this morning I went past many churches with big signs 'JESUS DIED FOR US' which, again, felt significant or symbolic of something in my life which I can't yet articulate.

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