Saturday, April 30, 2011


What I find fascinating is the 'stuff' people do when they're meant to be doing other more important, albeit arbitrary and necessary 'stuff'. The word 'UN-STUFF' comes to mind which is a term accidently coined by my friend Annabelle but defined by yours truly. It's this stuff that exists outside the realms of regular stuff, the stuff that exists only because of the absence of other stuff.

I guess the easiest way to explain what 'un-stuff' is, is like - you're procrastinating something shocking from doing an essay you have due in a week. During the days, hours, and minutes leading up to the deadline, you have huge masses of time to complete the essay. If you just sat down and did it, you could probably do it in a day. However, the un-stuff comes into the picture when you sit down to do the essay, but out of sheer listlessness or apathy for the task at hand you start drawing at 'stuff straws', anything to grasp onto that will provide a diversion, an outlet for the energy you would otherwise have to expend of writing the essay.

Un-stuff eventuates when you are alone/not among friends/family/acquaintances and only when you are alone is it true un-stuff because you are not self conscious about the ridiculousness of your actions.  Other examples of where un-stuff could rear it's fascinating head include - waiting for a train, on your lunch break at work, when you are unable to sleep or on plane trips.

I wish I knew what everyone did in their un-stuff periods - particularly artists - the drawings, writings, thoughts and actions that could eventuate would range from refreshing Facebook every minute to standing on one's head for as long as possible while watching M*A*S*H on television wearing all the clothes they own. The possibilities are endless. I made the above collage things on the computer this afternoon while 'stuff' I should have been making remained stationary in their states of incompletion - but I like em and maybe it's time to bring the un-stuff out into the sun and embrace it as the real stuff it is.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Livin' in the seventies

I just wanted to also make a quick post about the current vibes... I'm really into 1970s clothes at the moment. I am really inspired by 'Taxi Driver' a 1976 film directed by Martin Scorsese, not so much anything about it except the clothes Jodie Forster's character Iris wears. Here are some screen shots and a photograph of the outfit I wore today.


We got quite a crowd to Heide gallery today! Lots of faffing and food was had, we also managed to fit in a quick look at the art there as well as a game of Uno. It was lots of fun (as well as being number one). What glorious weather it has been these past couple of days. I'm trying to soak up the sun and store it for the cold, grey winter months descending upon us. I compiled a playlist for nice, picnic days of corny niceness like today. You can download it here:

April Come She Will - Simon and Garfunkel
Sunny - Bobby Hebb
Honey Pie - The Beatles
Once I Had Love (The Disco Song) - Blondie
I'm So Tired Of Being Alone - Al Green
Beautiful - Carole King
Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls
Sarah - Fleetwood Mac
It's A Man's Man's Man's World - James Brown
Night In The City - Joni Mitchell
Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass Elliott

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interest VS Excellence

My friend Yalei came up with an idea that her and I would give each other topics to write about on our respective blogs. I think it is great because it will really give me something to focus on, and give my writing direction which it is certainly lacking! They will be sporadically posted amongst my normal posts, so never fear, my directionless word vomit will still live!

Yalei's blog is so you can check out her posts on topics I have given her there. Right now, I am going to start at the very beginning with my first assignment from Yalei:

The confusion between excellence in a field and interest. Do you ever think that people get confused between people who are actually GOOD at something and people who are just really interested in something and therefore seem really skilled in that area?

After I read this I started thinking about 'hangers on'. Without meaning to sound awful, I have to say, there are a lot of 'hangers on' in circles I mix in, particularly the 'art' circles. A 'hanger on' is someone who doesn't make art, lives in a share house with artists, smokes a lot of marijuana and may or may not be 45 years old. They are reasonably intelligent, 'get' art, but most of all love the idea of living the artist's lifestyle without doing the hard yards in the actual making 'art' part. Does this make art an interest for them or something they are good at? They're good at living the life, talking the talk and looking the part but they don't make art, so I guess it doesn't. It's an interest.

People in art circles can spot these people a mile away. They are not confused between people who practice and are (generally speaking) 'good' at making art - and people who have art as an interest. There is something that makes this pretty obvious once you get to know a person, something subtle, yet it is there. I think it's about honesty in one's image. If you're an artist, there's no concern about constructing the image of being an artist because you're doing it and you could say anything and wear anything and live any where - you'd still be an artist. Whereas, the hanger-on, no matter what he/she does - because they don't make art there's no honesty in their 'artist's image'. It's entirely constructed to create an illusion that they are good at something that essentially is just an interest.

When I used to go to Pony Club, a lot of the instructors were overweight. A lot of them hadn't been on a horse in years, but they wore jodhpurs and they knew what they were talking about. If I had never gotten on a horse, but was fascinated with the whole idea of it all I could research it for years and know everything there is to know about riding a horse, I could wear the outfits and hang out with the people and talk about horses, perhaps I could even teach horse riding - but to not ACTUALLY do it, would my pupils think I was good at it, or just incredibly knowledgeable on the subject? Is there honesty in my image? I guess there it depends on the intention of the image, I mean do I speak from 'experience' or from compiled information?

I just want to add, also, that there is nothing wrong with being interested in art if that's what you are, do you know what I mean? Like you're a Real Estate Agent interested in art. You don't consciously try and live a 'wacky/zany' artist's life. Or you're an art student interested in Real Estate and you go to the auctions and know a lot about prices of houses in your area and stuff. I mean, you're still an art student. Can you be good at something you don't formally practice? I think that depends on what the something is... Alas I am getting off topic. Maybe I'll go into Real Estate. (Just kidding)

I think when it comes to 'excellence in a field' and 'interest', there's no fooling anyone. No amount of knowledge or enthusiasm could make people believe otherwise. Knowledge and enthusiasm is fantastic though, as long as you're honest with yourself and others about where you stand.

Mrs.Robinson, you're trying to seduce me!

Imagery from a disposable camera that's been with me for a long, long time. I scanned these while watching 'The Graduate' at midday today. Midday movies mean nothing to do - but that's okay sometimes. Nothing to do means you get the things done that you put off while you have other things to do - like watching 'The Graduate'.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Today I started a new sketchbook, which is a real great feeling. Running your hands over the first, white page beneath the cover is brilliant. I felt like drawing houses because I borrowed this great book on old houses in Alabama. Ah, so I made these silly drawings of houses. They were really fun actually.

Johnny I hardly knew ye

Essentially how I feel about life is how Woody Allen feels at the beginning of Annie Hall, you know the Groucho Marx quote "I never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member" however, something else for me is also summed up in this less eloquent line: "My wife gave me a watch. It was waterproof, anti-magnetic, shockproof, unbreakable, lifetime guarantee. I lost it." Essentially I always feel like Louise in Bob Dylan's 'Visions of Johanna', while it remains that if I was Johanna the grass would be greener, I would have gotten there first and I wouldn't be lying in bed at 11.03am on a Monday feeling like I can't get out.

How boring it is to read the teenage torments of a twenty year old, how boring it is to know that at some point we all feel the same even if it feels like no-one has ever experienced such torture before. We are never the only one. There's something about being young and having this idea that the thoughts we have are so brilliant and unique that we're the only ones to ever think or feel them. I mean, it's blindly yet innocently egocentric and a huge part of youth, feeling at the forefront of all that has been before you, feeling on top of the world, alone, with the unfairness of it all that no-one else is perceptive enough to pick up.

I have news for you all - everyone is aware of it, but we're never going to survive with that knowledge, I hate to break it to you - but it's impossible. We think no-one's thought of it before because as you get older it's easier to ignore the unfairness of it all than to exist among it. It's crazy but we're never gonna survive unless.. well, you know.

I made this playlist that I even uploaded on Mediafire so you can download the songs. (It's really easy, thanks Yalei!) and here is the link

Push Th' Little Daisies - Ween
Tear After Tear - Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles
These Days - Nico
Sorrow - Life Without Buildings
Friday's Child - Nancy Sinatra
Visions Of Johanna - Bob Dylan
Petite Fleur - Sidney Bechet
After I Say I'm Sorry - Josephine Baker
I Would Rather Go Blind - Etta James
Hey Eugene - Pink Martini

The above picture is me trying to be like Woody Allen and Diane Keaton as Annie Hall and myself combined. Doesn't work.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Distracting one's self from being desperate, depressed, needy and pathetic is so brilliantly hard I can't even begin to articulate it in this flimsy little cyberspace box. I suppose that's because it is impossible - distracting yourself that is. You either feel shit or you don't. You can't feel shit but not remember you feel shit. After watching Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' Tour, live from 1985 on an original VHS I was not provided even temporary relief so instead here I am, drowning in my sorrows (Where everyone would love to drown) and now I'm writing. Here is a verse I wrote this morning:

Exhaling ferns down
the primrose path,
tepid, tortured trail.
Flower stench
rotting flesh.
My palms are vast and pale.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Friday

This morning I navigated shards of glass on my friend's kitchen floor to reach the toaster. I felt like it was symbolic, but of what I'm not entirely sure. This is what I feel like about a lot of things. Last night we went to a Drag Show which was equally depressing and good fun. Drag Queens are beautiful, I have to say. Ever since I read a book called 'Eva Luna', by Isabel Allende, I have been in awe of them. They exist in this state that is neither one or the other and there's something so delicate about walking that line.

Before the Drag Show, we peeked into the dressing room of the Drag Queens and wished them good luck. Before that, we had a meeting with our newly formed Artist Collective. My friends in third year painting at VCA and I formed this group called 'YA', (Young Artists) and our third meeting was last night. I have to say, it is absolutely fantastic and I can't believe someone didn't think of it sooner. We begun talking about current exhibitions we have seen and other artists over a few beers, then organically it descended into a ridiculous orgy of art and music making. At the risk of sounding sentimental, it was really liberating and I really feel like this is a very important group of 'young artists.'

We have a blog, which I personally jazzed up a little. You can view it here at This is where photographs and videos from our meetings will be posted - also, artworks, exhibitions we recommend, information about the group's members, etcetera. If you are a young artist in Melbourne perhaps interested in joining, contact me and I'll give you the information about our next meeting.

What a Friday it is. On my way home this morning I went past many churches with big signs 'JESUS DIED FOR US' which, again, felt significant or symbolic of something in my life which I can't yet articulate.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thirty seconds

When feeling uninspired I often make up weird exercises for myself as an attempt to get those temperamental creative juices flowing again. Today it was 'THIRTY SECONDS', in which I have thirty seconds to type whatever words come into my head immediately. It kind of evokes anxiety or something but I like the results. It helps to do the same with drawing, too, although I prefer a little longer than thirty seconds for that otherwise your wrist gets real sore from colouring so furiously.

What a glorious day it was yesterday, the sun was shining, the birds were singing (this sounds familiar) and I spent an hour laying in the sun in the park. This is becoming a common occurrence. A man in a Hawaiian shirt came up to me and said "It's a hard life" and I said "Yeah it's tough", which it actually is, and then, thinking I was following his sarcastic tone he struck up a conversation about the book I was reading and I just kind of wanted to say "Fuck off" but I'm too polite. Anyway so he asked me what I do and I told him that I'm studying painting and he gestured over to the National Gallery and said "Well one day we'll see your paintings in there" and I said "Here's hoping". I mean only idiotic people in movies say here's hoping, I felt like I was in a movie. I guess it was the sun and the green grass and my sunglasses and the odd stranger and the casual mention of a dream that hasn't happened yet. I touched wood and hoped for the best as the mysterious and irritating man drifted away into the distance.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to change

If posting Youtube videos on my blog was aesthetically acceptable to me I would post this: No, my voice isn't changing inconveniently at the time that my brother just wrote a 'hit record' and the band that I'm in with my five other siblings only had one day to record it - however...

Recently I have felt like I got into a little bit of a rut with this blog. As you may have noticed - it was 'time to change' and after much deliberation (with myself) I arrived at this new layout and title. It's a shame I haven't been using my SLR camera much for posts, either. It seems that as soon as you get a huge expensive SLR camera there's something about your mobile phone camera that is just so much better.

So, above is a photo of my lava lamp and a silly photo of myself looking like something out of the photo album from my debutante ball. There's something so tragic about the poses they make you do in those 'professional' photographs.. alas I'm getting off topic. My blog looks shiny and new and I'm happy, I hope you like it too dear reader.

Oui Oui

I compiled this playlist entitled 'FRENCH BITCHES', good for kissing in the park under the sun, kissing on your bed under rainbows, kissing in the street in the rain, and crying. Enjoy!

Ne me quitte pas - Jacques Brel
Quelqu'un m'a dit - Carla Bruni
La Mer - Charles Trenet
Sous le ciel de Paris - Juliette Greco
Voila - Francoise Hardy
Raphael - Carla Bruni
Pardonne-moi - Mirelle Mathieu
Quand que l'amour - Jacques Brel
Tristesse - Tino Rossi
La vie en rose - Edith Piaf
Parlez-moi d'amour - Lucienne Boyer
J'attendrai - Tino Rossi
Mon coeur est un violin - Lucienne Boyer
Anyone Who Had A Heart - Marta Kubisova
Non, je ne regrette rein - Edith Piaf

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's been a while...