Monday, March 21, 2011

Studio guilt

STUDIO GUILT. I get it when I don't go into the studios. I get it because I love going into the studios and it is important to go into the studios if you consider 'being an artist' to be a reasonably integral part of your existence. However, I must refrain from complaining because I am helping out someone very dear to me (my Mother) by not going into the studios and looking after her florist today.

It is Monday. It is quiet. I bought my laptop because I have to write an artist statement and biography for a class at Uni, and surprisingly by 2.48pm I have actually done so. It is awful. You are meant to make them sound 'professional' by writing them in third person, and it's funny because I know I wrote it and now you do too so it sounds even more ridiculous. It's too awful to even put here for your viewing displeasure. However I'm thinking about writing another (God knows I have the time) that is slightly wittier and kind of acknowledging that I am writing it myself but still saying "Minna is concerned with *insert ambition assertion of what my art is giving to the world here*" etc. I mean if you don't get creative freedom in an artist's statement then what hope do we have!

I hate to say I'm bored but I am a bit. Apparently only boring people get bored which I do tend to agree with. Today I am boring. I am feeling like this is boring. My sister sent me a text message saying "If you are really bored download 'Tap Restaurant'" which I am thinking is an Iphone app that she thinks will stimulate my delicate mind. She is probably right, too but I'm not going to go there just yet. Come 4.30 I will be forced to reconsider.

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