Monday, March 7, 2011


When I was little and went to sleepovers with my friends, in the morning they would always tell me that I slept with my eyes open. (Evidently I always fell asleep first) That really freaked me out and I asked my Mum and she said that I did, though my eyes weren't open open but apparently you can see the whites of my eyes when I am sleeping. Anyway so I initially freaked out because I had this REALLY weird thing when I was really little, that I thought I could see CELLS.

I really thought that I had been given the power by some 'higher being' to be able to see cells that made up everything and everyone around me. I was a very weird child. Anyway so then when my friends all told me I slept with my eyes 'open' this was a big development for my powers and I thought that I was really special. Soon I grew up and the idea became less and less plausible, like when I realized that all cars need a person in them to make them go. I wish I could believe the those kinds of things now, that I could see cells or that cars could drive by themselves. It would be a lot easier to get around.

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