Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I do not want to talk about it

Today at Uni I had an individual tutorial with none other than CALLUM MORTON, a very successful and good Australian artist who just happens to now be on the painting staff at VCA. I was nervous but managed to get through forty-five minutes only saying one incredibly stupid thing, which for me is quite impressive. Mind you I did spend all morning preparing things to say so that that wouldn't happen. There is never any harm in being prepared, I always say (to myself), because if worse comes to worse you've always got that back up spiel in your head that you can just whip on out.

Art is a very exciting thing when two people who really like it get to talking about it, on my behalf there's lots of hand gestures - miming my actions when I draw and paint to explain something I want to do, stretching my arms really big when I'm talking about scale or pretending I'm sticking something on something. I probably get a bit too carried away. But, I think that enthusiasm is important, it comes through in the work. I feel like you can always intuitively tell if someone has made a work because they really want to, you know?

Anyway I'm going to go watch TV, Art Scape is on ABC tonight. Art. Art art art. Here are some images of Callum Morton's work.

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