Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello dear readers. I was being so good and posting so much but then beer came into the equation and my pseudo intellectual ramblings fell by the wayside. When I get drunk I always think about stuff I could write about and go to write it the next day and to no surprise it is utterly ridiculous and straw drawing and out of this world that I just leave it forever in my folder of un-posted crap where it should stay and rot.

Today while at work I was thinking and not thinking about work, I was thinking about the idea of 'wrecking' something. You know how you do something and it's like "OH MAN I WRECKED IT!" basically ruining something but it's a less dire term. In art, I love the idea of wrecking it. As a kid it's like you tried to colour in the lines and if you coloured outside them accidently you wrecked it. The best part about the drawing is the wrecked part. With writing though, I feel like it's entirely different. The wrecked part is indeed the worst part, me writing about the meaning of life after 3 beers is wrecking it. It's just shit. If you don't think about what you write (when you are trying to make a point or write about something in particular) it doesn't work. Drawing a wonky line is great and not wrecking it. It's human. Writing with wonky lines and colour outside the lines is crap. I can't articulate myself properly and I am beginning to think this is wrecking it.

Today to work I wore an outfit that looked like I should have been carrying a riding crop with it and a 50 year old cowboy complete with aviators, a cowboy hat and a gingham cut off shirt asked me out. Serves me right I suppose. The thing about wrecking it though is that the wreck in question is permanent.


  1. I love that feeling when you're perfecting something, and you're like, " wouldn' t it be the best if i just fucked it up ON PURPOSE right now? " Why does it feel so good? Like when i used to build those towers with blocks and eveyrones like nursing it crazily and my hand is trembling to fuck it up.
    I have this thing where i want to throw my ipod in the yarra just to see what it's like. Should i do it one day?

  2. That is BRILLIANT! I know exactly what you mean about the Ipod in the Yarra urge. I have similar urges to wreck so much shit but I never do it. It would be so incredible I think because knowing the consequences of it makes it so taboo and forbidden so it is more desirable or some shit. Arrrgh when I walk to Uni tomorrow I will be fighting that urge to chuck my whole bag in the god damn river!