Friday, March 11, 2011


The best part of today was coming up with a new concept with my friends at Uni... to FAFF, to be a faff, to possess faff like qualities, just faffing around... kind of like just fluffing around but taken to levels of extremity. Faffing is actually pretty great. You just kind of float around tapping things or fiddling or staring at a table or whatever. The biggest faffer in the world is Prince Charles. He'll never be King of England but he is always King of the Faffs. Here is a compilation of pictures of people who are faffs or who are faffing for your enjoyment. This post is actually very faffy.
Jane Austen is SUCH a Faff, her books are SO faffy.
Entertainingly faff.
Irritatingly faff.
Charlie is my fav.
Grey Gardens is really faffy but in a good way.

I am delirious, goodnight.


  1. arrgh there was so much faffing after you left! We broke into the local pool. It was so funny. I dunno if that actually means faffing since it was cool and fun..

    - Yalei

  2. Yalei! Thank you for this comment. As you would know I never get comments. I am sorry my reply did not work! It sounds like I'm lying about that reply but it really happened. But here I am to write another. I can't believe I missed breaking into the pool, I wish I could have stayed longer! I am not sure if it was faffing seeing as though I wasn't there, but I feel that faffing is multifaceted and its definition can widen to include things that are cool and fun but still possess the initial intention of faff... no longer am I making any sense. GREAT to see you again last night you are amazing and I really hope to party with you again soon.