Monday, March 28, 2011

Happiness is a warm gun

THE SUN IS SHINING, THE BIRDS ARE SINGING and I am in an unsightly and uncharacteristically good mood! Miracles do happen. As in the miracle is that I'm in a good mood not the miracle caused me to be in a good mood.

Today I was researching these amazing GIANT flowers which are only the coolest things in the entire world. The particular ones I am interested in are called Rafflesia and smell like rotting flesh! Here are some pictures of them because I have nothing else to post, sorry. When one is in a good mood photographs of me looking pathetic in Photobooth just don't seem fitting.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello dear readers. I was being so good and posting so much but then beer came into the equation and my pseudo intellectual ramblings fell by the wayside. When I get drunk I always think about stuff I could write about and go to write it the next day and to no surprise it is utterly ridiculous and straw drawing and out of this world that I just leave it forever in my folder of un-posted crap where it should stay and rot.

Today while at work I was thinking and not thinking about work, I was thinking about the idea of 'wrecking' something. You know how you do something and it's like "OH MAN I WRECKED IT!" basically ruining something but it's a less dire term. In art, I love the idea of wrecking it. As a kid it's like you tried to colour in the lines and if you coloured outside them accidently you wrecked it. The best part about the drawing is the wrecked part. With writing though, I feel like it's entirely different. The wrecked part is indeed the worst part, me writing about the meaning of life after 3 beers is wrecking it. It's just shit. If you don't think about what you write (when you are trying to make a point or write about something in particular) it doesn't work. Drawing a wonky line is great and not wrecking it. It's human. Writing with wonky lines and colour outside the lines is crap. I can't articulate myself properly and I am beginning to think this is wrecking it.

Today to work I wore an outfit that looked like I should have been carrying a riding crop with it and a 50 year old cowboy complete with aviators, a cowboy hat and a gingham cut off shirt asked me out. Serves me right I suppose. The thing about wrecking it though is that the wreck in question is permanent.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Nelly Furtado was my idol in the year 2000, 'I'm Like A Bird' was and is a brilliant song, with a brilliant film clip to match. I always wanted a tight orange top and those wide legged jeans like hers SO MUCH. Another fantastic song from the same album (One of the only CDs I owned along with a single of Viva Forever by the Spice Girls, Roller coaster by Be*witched and Say It Once by Ultra) was 'Turn Off The Light' which contains the lyrics "I live my life by the moon - if it's high play it low, if it's harvest go slow and if it's full, then go" which brings me to what I intended to talk about in this post which was THE FULL MOON and LUNAR EFFECTS.

On Saturday night there was a full moon. It was staring down on us feebly exercising our witty banter with it's large, round, silent and orange presence. Since then the full moon has made this week feel really weird and sort of off or something. Things have collided, revelations made, bad things have happened. Lunar effects are usually attributed to being a negative thing. It is said that during a full moon there is a spike in crime, suicide, murder and all those joyous things I love to think about. I think the moon does good though, too - Thanks to the moon (I think...) I had a real life MYSTICAL REVELATION today, how's that for a sweeping statement!? You have to look at EVERYTHING like it is art. Only then do you really SEE it. Not very wise words from a not very wise person. I don't know. It seemed relevant.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I feel like

Florist. Again. Studio Guilt. Again. Except this time I'm wearing hoop earrings. Going insane. Insane. In the sane. I seem to recall in a moderately drunken state on the weekend I picked up on that fact that when I am in these moderately drunken states I tend to begin sentences with "I feel like". And I say it really slowly or something. I feel like, the word insane is weird because you would think it would be 'outsane' because you are kind of outside of sane. Or perhaps you are so crazy that you are incredibly sane hence being in sane.

I feel like, my art pace has slowed down and that Bob Dylan is contributing to this. I feel like, art is hard and life is at times hard and I feel like everything feels strangely normal for not being normal at all. I feel like that is the corniest thing I have ever written. However I feel like I'm lucky to be able to feel like all these things and lately I've been feeling like optimism is fundamentally flawed but we need it in order to survive. As it sit here in less than desirable circumstances, selling useless soaps and flowers that are going to die in a week I feel like what else can we do but hope and believe life is worth living even though we don't know why or how and that everything that happens and every choice we make has some kind of divine purpose even if you might feel like it doesn't at all and even if it doesn't at all. This is what I feel like.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Studio guilt

STUDIO GUILT. I get it when I don't go into the studios. I get it because I love going into the studios and it is important to go into the studios if you consider 'being an artist' to be a reasonably integral part of your existence. However, I must refrain from complaining because I am helping out someone very dear to me (my Mother) by not going into the studios and looking after her florist today.

It is Monday. It is quiet. I bought my laptop because I have to write an artist statement and biography for a class at Uni, and surprisingly by 2.48pm I have actually done so. It is awful. You are meant to make them sound 'professional' by writing them in third person, and it's funny because I know I wrote it and now you do too so it sounds even more ridiculous. It's too awful to even put here for your viewing displeasure. However I'm thinking about writing another (God knows I have the time) that is slightly wittier and kind of acknowledging that I am writing it myself but still saying "Minna is concerned with *insert ambition assertion of what my art is giving to the world here*" etc. I mean if you don't get creative freedom in an artist's statement then what hope do we have!

I hate to say I'm bored but I am a bit. Apparently only boring people get bored which I do tend to agree with. Today I am boring. I am feeling like this is boring. My sister sent me a text message saying "If you are really bored download 'Tap Restaurant'" which I am thinking is an Iphone app that she thinks will stimulate my delicate mind. She is probably right, too but I'm not going to go there just yet. Come 4.30 I will be forced to reconsider.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Insanity and the old 5am

The only party I look forward to with the same vigor that I would look forward to the 'Formal' in High School is the infamous MANOR HOUSEWARMING. It went something like this. Hey kid not ideal circumstances dream Dad went blind couldn't see my art couldn't design gardens lost mood ring my girl in the grass virginity bed throw blanket fuck off man's business where did everybody go self worth I mean I am not ugly, why and where is there a limit to your love. HARD RAIN'S GONNA FALL. Oh what a night, and I never take any photographs of it.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I spent the day out of the studio just hangin' out, looking at some art and shopping. It was nice actually, to be in the fresh air during the day. I realized I have spent every single day since I've been back at Uni either in the Studio, in class or at work. Usually though, hunched over a desk like Quasimodo obsessively colouring in with my textas.

The above photos are from Paul Yore's show at Blindside which closes tomorrow, actually, so you should definitely head down there asap! It is brilliant, however 'Big Rainbow Funhouse of Cosmic Brutality' has my heart.

I have had a bit of an average week, so here is a playlist that I am hoping will encourage a serious cathartic dance-fest tomorrow night. When in doubt, DANCING.

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby - Bobby Darin
Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield
She's A Lady - Tom Jones
Bang Bang - Joe Cuba
I Love Men - Eartha Kitt
I Wish - Stevie Wonder
Born This Way - Lady Gaga (I just had to..)
Needle In A Haystack - The Twilights
Come To Me - Marv Johnson
Ne t'en va pas - Sylvie Vartan
Put Your Hands Up - Fatman Scoop
Doctor's Orders - Carol Douglas
I Miss You - Björk
Hey Daddy - Della Reese

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


These are some photos I took today of my Studio. It's a pretty fun place at the moment, lots of colour and light from my window and friends, just hangin' out, faffing. I'm really going to miss my little art school family after this year. We have some great times.

Tonight I went to my friend Craig's opening at Seventh on Gertrude Street. He is in a group show there called 'Abstract Nature' which is definitely worth seeing. I was talking to someone about the idea of 'rough around the edges' and I have decided I'm into that. It's rough around the edges - not in the most obvious of ways, but I like that. Maybe I just liked the free beer. I don't know.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What r u doing

Microsoft Paint. I have spent many an hour on it this weekend, scribbling, spray painting, paint bucketing, etcetera. It is actually a brilliant way to draw and a match made in heaven with me and what I'm trying to do, (not that I really know what that is...)

I am getting a vague idea though, about what my work is about. I have been doing some thinking over the past week, about the tragedies, big and small that are mentally, emotionally and visually surrounding us. At the moment, the world seems as unstable and fragile as it has ever been. We are scared. I am scared when I'm waitressing and the newspapers on the tables show page after page of horrific human suffering.

What else can we do, though, but focus on the little flickers of hope - like beacons of light and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you lose yourself in a beautiful landscape or an Elvis movie or a McDonalds Happy Meal or a Britney Spears song. It's about eternal optimism, distractions, the mystical elements of the ordinary in everyday life. With my work I am praying 4 u, or, more accurately, praying 4 us all - in the most non-religious sense of the word.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The best part of today was coming up with a new concept with my friends at Uni... to FAFF, to be a faff, to possess faff like qualities, just faffing around... kind of like just fluffing around but taken to levels of extremity. Faffing is actually pretty great. You just kind of float around tapping things or fiddling or staring at a table or whatever. The biggest faffer in the world is Prince Charles. He'll never be King of England but he is always King of the Faffs. Here is a compilation of pictures of people who are faffs or who are faffing for your enjoyment. This post is actually very faffy.
Jane Austen is SUCH a Faff, her books are SO faffy.
Entertainingly faff.
Irritatingly faff.
Charlie is my fav.
Grey Gardens is really faffy but in a good way.

I am delirious, goodnight.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The internet is one crazy place to be sometimes. I can go from watching videos of 'Mothman' to listening to obscure 1960s psychedelic girl groups with a singer who has epilepsy. It is kind of like time travel. A good thing happened to me tonight on the internet. I got a personal email from none other than Tavi Gevinson from the blog 'Style Rookie', asking me to be a weekly contributor in a new project she is developing - an online blog/magazine. I will have my own column where I can write about whatever I want, and am submitting 3 drawings a week for use in the publication. I will have deadlines like Carrie in Sex and the City and I couldn't be more excited!

Tavi 'the new girl in town' knows what's up and it will really really cool to work with her on this! If you don't know her blog you have been living under something heavy and hard but here is a link for your convenience

I feel like I'm slowly getting closer to 'the dream', maybe being an artist/writer/person who makes a living off creative things that I like doing anyway is really possible. I'm thinking seriously about it now, I want to get a proper website, business cards and all that professional jazz and really give it a proper go. It's so romantic. So, I will keep you updated on this new and excited project I am involved in and let you know as soon as it's up and ready for your scrutiny.

Love and gurl power,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I do not want to talk about it

Today at Uni I had an individual tutorial with none other than CALLUM MORTON, a very successful and good Australian artist who just happens to now be on the painting staff at VCA. I was nervous but managed to get through forty-five minutes only saying one incredibly stupid thing, which for me is quite impressive. Mind you I did spend all morning preparing things to say so that that wouldn't happen. There is never any harm in being prepared, I always say (to myself), because if worse comes to worse you've always got that back up spiel in your head that you can just whip on out.

Art is a very exciting thing when two people who really like it get to talking about it, on my behalf there's lots of hand gestures - miming my actions when I draw and paint to explain something I want to do, stretching my arms really big when I'm talking about scale or pretending I'm sticking something on something. I probably get a bit too carried away. But, I think that enthusiasm is important, it comes through in the work. I feel like you can always intuitively tell if someone has made a work because they really want to, you know?

Anyway I'm going to go watch TV, Art Scape is on ABC tonight. Art. Art art art. Here are some images of Callum Morton's work.

Monday, March 7, 2011


When I was little and went to sleepovers with my friends, in the morning they would always tell me that I slept with my eyes open. (Evidently I always fell asleep first) That really freaked me out and I asked my Mum and she said that I did, though my eyes weren't open open but apparently you can see the whites of my eyes when I am sleeping. Anyway so I initially freaked out because I had this REALLY weird thing when I was really little, that I thought I could see CELLS.

I really thought that I had been given the power by some 'higher being' to be able to see cells that made up everything and everyone around me. I was a very weird child. Anyway so then when my friends all told me I slept with my eyes 'open' this was a big development for my powers and I thought that I was really special. Soon I grew up and the idea became less and less plausible, like when I realized that all cars need a person in them to make them go. I wish I could believe the those kinds of things now, that I could see cells or that cars could drive by themselves. It would be a lot easier to get around.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I have these moments in my life quite often, when I find myself doing something utterly ridiculous or somewhere utterly ridiculous or somewhere incredibly mind blowingly boring or mundane or talking to someone so intensely awful and I just think exasperatingly "What the HELL am I doing with my life". Unfortunately I find myself in these situations too often, like right now, sitting in bed on a Friday night hearing the TV on downstairs, my Dad is watching American Idol for some utterly unknown reason and as Jennifer Lopez speaks I just think seriously, what the HELL am I doing with my life. (Mainly because I can identify Jennifer Lopez's voice and have a Father who is addicted to American Idol on Foxtel) I digress.

I was going to go out tonight but I made the decision not to, and, like every human on this earth I always wonder what the consequences of my decision are. If I had have gone out tonight, what would I be doing and feeling right now? I certainly would not be writing this post and because I would be in the company of various mentally stimulating acquaintances I would not be feeling like I'm the only person on this earth who is in bed at 8.57 on a Friday night. Woe is me.

The above pictures are from today where I really did no work in the studio at all and ate mountains of junk food. Mountain ranges. It was one of those days where time is slow and often non-existent, but it was deliriously nice. I am now acutely aware that I am not making any sense, probably because I cut my hair.

Until my next self depreciating post of mundanity - Minna.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

One of them

These are a selection of photos from my first week back at Uni taken on my trusty new Iphone which I got the other day. I'm already seriously back in the swing of art, ducking into the NGV today with a friend to choose a work for our Art History presentation. We have to stand up in front of the painting and give a 'talk' on the work and the artist and various other relevant things. I really want to get like one of those stick pointer things or like a laser pointer but I'm not going to actually do that.

I think I'm going to go with the Turner painting, I have a book on him after all, that actually I took from my Nanna's house and should definitely give back at some stage. The other photos are of my studio, which does not look impressive but I tell you it's comparatively HUGE to others and it has a window and a 70s arm chair and even it's very own door. My neighbor on the other side of the mystical door is my friend Annabelle. She just finished this great bunch of comics that I really enjoyed and you may be interested to look at:

Right now I must go and get myself an Australian Business Number, if I am to be an artist and all apparently I need one. I will try and make an effort to post regularly even though I am at Uni. Not that anyone is too worried.