Sunday, February 13, 2011


The title of this post is a pun, that's meant to be like D-Day which is a military term where "combat attack or operation is to be initiated" (Source: Wikipedia..) Except that it's V-Day, meaning Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow.

Anyway Valentine's Day is pretty dumb and stuff and "SO American" or "Depressing" or "Commercial" blah, blah blah. Yes, I get it. You are very impressive for picking up on that. But I have to think about it because now that I have a job at my Mum's florist, it is the biggest day of the year. THE BIGGEST I tell you. It's going to be really big. We have so many flowers and it's pretty lovely because flowers are beautiful, but as you all know some kind of ridiculous rambling paragraph(s) will be to follow.

Some people I know (think that I'm crazy) but also - scoff at the idea of showing affection or something. I think giving flowers is a wonderful gesture. They are beautiful and ephemeral and if you ignore the hideous soft toys and foil balloons you've got something so simple that is one of the closest things to representing human emotion in physical form. To give flowers is regarded as a kind of 'Simple Simon' or base gesture but seriously I am so into it. This is not a fabrication by any means either, but my first word was 'flower', you can ask my Mum. Flowers are brilliant. I do not have a 'Valentine', but if I did, I would be giving him flowers. Fucking flowers.

Things I like about Valentines Day:
1. Flowers

Things I don't like about Valentine's Day:
1. Bears holding hearts

Thank you and goodnight.

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