Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This magic moment

I have been listening to Roy Orbison for the past hour and I've got myself into a weird state. He sings a lot about crying and 'his baby' and it being over and his heart breaking in two. Y'know some pretty intense stuff.

My Aunty told me this story the other day that when her Dad died - she was quite young at the time - she threw into his grave a charm from her charm bracelet he had given her, of a little pot of gold. I got to thinking about the 'pot of gold' as a symbol. It's quite beautiful and is a visual for happiness and wealth, both physical and emotional. I like it a lot, even more when it's at the end of the rainbow.

I want to make some kind of art about the pot of gold, or even I want my art to be like the pot of gold or I want a pot of gold in my life. The thing about the pot of gold though is that it's not really found at the end of the rainbow, I think it's found in other forms when you least expect it. Sometimes we already have a pot of gold and we don't even know it!

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