Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Accumulation of Shit

There's something about being an artist and collecting things. My friend Georgie said yesterday that her problem is that she can see value in everything. I know what she means. It is similar for many artists, putting things away, accumulating objects from all walks of their life because they are inspiring or sentimental or beautiful or ugly or they just are. Personally, I have a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff people would consider junk. At times I do wonder if I am a hoarder, or, if not already, will be one in the future. The Manor, my friend's share house, is interesting because with four artists living there, a large amount of 'things' have complied over the year. Not your regular things really, either. Yesterday while I was helping to clean and pack we came across a plethora of weird and wonderful items, hoarded by different members of the household.

We are the kind of people who would say, in 3 or 50 years time - "Where is that thing I had, I want to use it for this thing I'm making" That's why we don't throw anything out. EVERYTHING has the potential, ONE DAY, to come in handy, which is quite scary really...


  1. Oh my gosh you've expressed our problem so eloquently. I was trying to explain exactly this a week or so ago to my boyfriend, who was helping me clean up my room. He kept picking up little scraps of junk and asking 'can I throw this out?' 'nope, give it to me', 'how bout this', 'no i need that', 'what do you need it for?', 'I don't know yet, I just like it. I'll use it for something.', 'no, I'm throwing it out' *sarah snatches chunk of metal and throws it in a box* and so the story continues, to the point where he's picking up tiny scraps of ripped newspaper and making piles of dust on my desk saying "OH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL WE MUST SAVE IT!" and gently placing it in a neat little pile in a very mocking/hilarious manner. It's funny because it's rediculous, some of the stupid useless things I save. I don't expect him to understand. It's like our appreciation quota wasn't reviewed before they hit the 'go' button on life, and we somehow got more of it than we should have been allowed. I don't mind.

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