Sunday, January 2, 2011

We understand your paranoia

The 'art vibes' are seriously kicking in at the moment. The new year does inspire me to make and do various other spontaneous un-thought out acts such as cutting off my hair on New Years Eve, now it's shoulder length. My luxurious locks are looking at me from the bin right now and I gotta say, I regret it slightly. SLIGHTLY. Anyway if I just keep drawing and writing I should be able to distract myself long enough for it to grow back.

So I had a really good New Years Eve with my short hair. We basically did everything one could ever hope to do on a New Years Eve, despite not being too enthused about it initially. We started on the champagne admittedly quite early in the afternoon, then cooked a wonderful dinner, went to our friends gig as 'groupies', went to a house party with the 'drama people' from Uni, went to Bar Open on Brunswick Street, went to another house party that was in fact two house parties right next door to each other, which was cool except at that point I was on the water and very hungry and had blisters so we decided to go home. It was great fun but, New Years Eve got me a-thinkin' about the looming 'GREAT UNKNOWN'.

The great unknown is the fact that, at the end of this year, I will graduate from my degree in Fine Art. Before I go on, let us just take a moment to remember my lame posts on my old blog about going to orientation for my course and being so excited about 'making friends', or even some of my loyal readers may remember when I was in Year 12, talking about how desperately I wanted to get into the painting at VCA. Anyway seems like only yesterday that my dreams came true and now, somehow, time has kept ticking as it does and I only have one more year left. I know how fast it will fly. There is now the anxiety inducing question being asked of me, WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU FINISH?

Dear God. Jesus Christ, oh golly. I have decided that I must decide what I am going to do next year by the end of the holidays. I do not want that question looming over me for the whole year while I am trying to focus on making 'good art'. I know that I want to study writing, but I do not know where or how or why or even if I am good enough. So, Google to the rescue, I am going to research my little heart out and make some serious New Year decisions. I have kind of forgotten about the practicalities of life while I have been in the bubble of Art school, as I think many do. I am hoping to make the transition at the end of the year as smooth as possible, so gradually from bubble world to real world I go, with pink hair, a blue pen and my typewriter.

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