Saturday, January 29, 2011


As the original 'Manor' comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about the happenings of the past year with my four best friends living in a house together. To thank them for welcoming me into their home, for having me sleepover on countless occasions, eating their cereal, watching movies in their pajamas and hosting various parties at which I most likely outstayed my welcome, I decided I should do something.

So I got to thinking about the ridiculous things we have done and the ridiculous people we have met along the way. From melting milk crates to covering entire walls with post-its to experiencing the moldy mattress and trapping mice in mugs, to strobe light times and burning palm leaves, milk crate bands, cracking open the Inheritance, Eminem rapping sessions, $2.99 wine (NEVER AGAIN), dancing on squelchy carpet, making the toilet into a 'chokey', rolling tuna cigarettes and smoking in the kitchen, making schnozcumers and eating sugar pizza, GOSSIPS, "The night is in the womb", having ridiculously themed parties that attract quite a diverse crowd, baking extravagant cakes, debating 'What would you rather", the word disassociation game, hair cuts, smashing chairs with hammers, salt drawing, sink sculptures, just SO many utterly ridiculous things and conversations that I just can't even think about without laughing or cringing or shuddering.

BUT, one must remember it is just a space, this house was merely a shell for all the hilarity and utter madness of Art School life. I spent a lot of my time there, but only to be with the people who live there. Which reminds me of this quote from Almost Famous, when Penny Lane says: "And if you ever get lonely, just go down to the record store and visit your friends" Y'know, it's not about the record store, it's about your friends who are there! So VIVA LA MANOR, it shall live on in another undisclosed location and I can't wait to experience the madness all over again, from a safe distance, of course.

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