Friday, January 7, 2011

Stickers are cool

I spent the last of my 'Christmas money' on cacti and stickers. I use a lot of stickers in my art work so whenever I feel uninspired I go 'sticker shopping'. In a way, stickers are more appealing to me in the packets. Even when I was little, I loved stickers, but I would hate to actually use them like they were this precious thing, I mean you can only stick it once really, and you have to find a really special place to stick a really good sticker otherwise it's like you wasted it or something. I remember other children with stickers would like use a whole packet and stick them over the top of each other and all near each other, not spaced out or anything and that would really annoy me.

I would save stickers, collect stickers, look at stickers. In a way I really did want to go crazy with them and stick them everywhere like I had a infinite supply of them but how could I, knowing that that moment of pleasure would only last a second, and stickers are never as good once you've actually stuck them.

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