Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paint it... 'Warm Neutral'

Today, after many days and months and years of procrastinating, I finally painted my room. It was hard work and took me all day and a lot of moving of all my bric-a-brac, but it is finished and I really like it A LOT. I'm currently watching I Dream of Jeannie in the calming company of 'warm neutral', and sorting out pictures I want to pin up on my walls. My dog is not helping, just walking over the pictures I have strewn all over the floor.

It was so satisfying to paint over the gaudy pink that I liked when I was 15. I wish I did it sooner, it makes the space bigger and less like a Brady Bunch bedroom and more like a 20 year old's bedroom. Tomorrow I am going to finish 'decorating' in my new theme which is less clutter more cactus. In the morning I am going straight out to buy some, cactuses that is. Another one of those things that I must do immediately, like dying my hair, cutting my hair, painting my room... I think the New Year is encouraging my usually non-existent spontaneity.

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