Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh golly again

If there is one thing that I hate, and I know there are many, it is being unorganized. It's 11.22pm and I am finishing some drawings I am supposed to be hanging in some sort of group exhibition tomorrow that I know not much about, including where exactly it is, which, you know, should be interesting. Anyway if you find yourself lost and alone then make your way down to Johnston Street to a place called 'The Laundrette' or The Laundry', either number 63 or 50. I might not be there because it's likely that I'll never find it and am just left wandering the streets like a vagabond with my just finished drawings rolled up in one of those cardboard tubes.

If, however, by some stroke of luck the lack of organization is not an hinderance and somehow I miraculously stumble across a big washing machine then my drawings are going to be for sale, too. They are going to be $35 each and are unframed works on paper. If you have an inquiries contact me via my email

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