Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends 4EVA

'Best friends' are so cool. I used to have a best friend when I was in primary school, but ever since then I've never really had a real one. You know, one like who you ring up on the phone whenever you want and talk about nothing, and you both like the same things and they just come over to your house and you just do nothing together and you share clothes and you really just get along really well like sisters and you do everything together. Is having a best friend just something you do when you are little, or is it possible for this kind of intense relationship to exist when one is older?

I mean I know people who are best friends. It's brilliant and I'm a little jealous. I mean I have friends, y'know, good friends, too, close friends, but I don't know if it's just that people in art school are so 'individual' and independent that they don't need or want a 'best friend' kind of relationship, or if it's something that's a little out of fashion. I reckon it would be real fun to have a best friend because then I'd have someone to come with me and do things like I did yesterday and I'd have someone to see movies with and go to parties where I don't know anyone with. And, sometimes, I think people are more powerful in pairs, you know.

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  1. Yes best friends like that do exist in adulthood, I am very blessed to say I have not one but 3 amazing, beautiful,strong women who are my best friends, 2 I met at school, my relationships with them didn't really develop the depth and closeness until late teens early twenties and the third lady I was lucky enough to meet at work.
    I am eternally grateful to all 3 as they have loved me, when I was extremely unloveable,supported me when I have reached breaking point, backed me up when everyone else gave up and pulled me into line when I was too stubborn/blind/stupid to see the mistakes I was making.
    I have such precious memories with all 3 women and they are all so different in personality. I sometimes wonder how we all managed to establish such a strong bond but I am so happy we did.
    If they ever happen to read this, I want them to know I love them dearly and will always be there, no matter what situation,where I am or what time of day they need me.......thank you for being my soul-sisters xxx