Monday, January 31, 2011


This friend I used to have a long time ago made up this term "Looney magnet", which is a regular person like you or I, who, in their various everyday outings by no fault of their own, attract - for lack of a better word - the 'looneys'. Looneys can vary from mildly chatty old ladies to full blown raving lunatics. I am a loony magnet! At times I enjoy it, crazy old ladies are occasionally interesting, strange people who divulge information about their Marilyn Monroe collection are sweet, but ever so often I get the loony that I do struggle to deal with.

For example, today, a lady plopped herself down right next to me on an empty bus and proceeded to ask me no less than 50 times if the Police or 'funny people' are going to be in Box Hill, and if she should go there. I reassured her that she would be okay many times until she convinced herself that it's not safe and got off the bus. I silently breathed a sigh of relief. Another time waiting for a tram an old lady wearing stark white gloves approached me and asked me to tell her if her skirt collar was covering her face, and she proceeded to pull it over her mouth obsessively a thousand times, each time waiting for my answer. The tram came and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Looneys like me, they want to be my friend, I am trustworthy or something. I think the truth is I kind of like them, too, or what they stand for or something. They flout everything that is proper about human interaction and I kind of like how they totally unknowingly make people uncomfortable, including me. They're usually loud or angry or interestingly dressed and they're just doing it without the complexities of reason or manners or fashion. I always think that when I'm old I'll most likely lose my mind and become one of the looneys, nonsensical but honest, talking to people who look like one day they'll be 'one of us'.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rising damp

I broke the cycle of puzzle putting-together and AM radio listening for one night last night which, as usual, was good fun. At times it is beneficial to act your age, which, in my case you may be surprised to learn, is twenty and not eighty-five. The exhibition last night was relatively silly and yes incredibly unorganized but certainly an enjoyable and successful time. I can now reflect upon it with weary eyes and say that it was real fun.

I was desperate to go out dancing last night but as circumstances would have it, it just didn't really eventuate, instead we found ourselves sitting cross legged school assembly style in front of a brilliant but not exactly danceable band 'Hello Satellites'. I enjoyed it a lot actually, but because we didn't get to dance we had lots of energy so my friend and I walked all the way home at 3.00am in the serene silence of main roads with no cars and a crescent moon just 'chewing the fat', which is an expression that means partaking in idle conversation. It was so relaxing and good. Above are some (partial - they were too big to fit properly in my scanner) scans of the drawings I had in the exhibition last night.


As the original 'Manor' comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about the happenings of the past year with my four best friends living in a house together. To thank them for welcoming me into their home, for having me sleepover on countless occasions, eating their cereal, watching movies in their pajamas and hosting various parties at which I most likely outstayed my welcome, I decided I should do something.

So I got to thinking about the ridiculous things we have done and the ridiculous people we have met along the way. From melting milk crates to covering entire walls with post-its to experiencing the moldy mattress and trapping mice in mugs, to strobe light times and burning palm leaves, milk crate bands, cracking open the Inheritance, Eminem rapping sessions, $2.99 wine (NEVER AGAIN), dancing on squelchy carpet, making the toilet into a 'chokey', rolling tuna cigarettes and smoking in the kitchen, making schnozcumers and eating sugar pizza, GOSSIPS, "The night is in the womb", having ridiculously themed parties that attract quite a diverse crowd, baking extravagant cakes, debating 'What would you rather", the word disassociation game, hair cuts, smashing chairs with hammers, salt drawing, sink sculptures, just SO many utterly ridiculous things and conversations that I just can't even think about without laughing or cringing or shuddering.

BUT, one must remember it is just a space, this house was merely a shell for all the hilarity and utter madness of Art School life. I spent a lot of my time there, but only to be with the people who live there. Which reminds me of this quote from Almost Famous, when Penny Lane says: "And if you ever get lonely, just go down to the record store and visit your friends" Y'know, it's not about the record store, it's about your friends who are there! So VIVA LA MANOR, it shall live on in another undisclosed location and I can't wait to experience the madness all over again, from a safe distance, of course.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh golly again

If there is one thing that I hate, and I know there are many, it is being unorganized. It's 11.22pm and I am finishing some drawings I am supposed to be hanging in some sort of group exhibition tomorrow that I know not much about, including where exactly it is, which, you know, should be interesting. Anyway if you find yourself lost and alone then make your way down to Johnston Street to a place called 'The Laundrette' or The Laundry', either number 63 or 50. I might not be there because it's likely that I'll never find it and am just left wandering the streets like a vagabond with my just finished drawings rolled up in one of those cardboard tubes.

If, however, by some stroke of luck the lack of organization is not an hinderance and somehow I miraculously stumble across a big washing machine then my drawings are going to be for sale, too. They are going to be $35 each and are unframed works on paper. If you have an inquiries contact me via my email

Friday, January 21, 2011

N'est-ce pas?

Today I went out for lunch with a very old and good friend of mine who just returned from Paris and I listened in awe with wide eyes and an open mouth about her experiences. I am now day dreaming about a trip there one day, thinking though, that I want to go with someone who is wild and untamed and drags me along to do daring things I otherwise would never consider. I think I wrote on here that I am learning French, only recently mastering the real basics. My favourite saying is n'est-ce pas? Isn't it so!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's no place like home

I have neglected my blog, I know. The reason being I have been at the beach on a holiday and gone into some kind of television induced state of nothingness. It actually has been great, although when I purchased Leonard Cohen's 'Book of Longing' yesterday I snapped right out and am now back to my usual self. Of course it feels average but it feels right. Now, here we are.

Home sweet home, as they say, is where I am again, in my musty room looking at my now flowering cactus and my still living bunch of singapore orchids. It feels real good to be home. I have lived in the same home all of my life, you know, which I suppose is a little unusual. If I am going to another place that I will be staying in for an extended period of time, I tend to do little stupid things to make it more 'homey'.. like take down the hideous beach themed paintings and move the beds around. This time I even hung pictures I'd torn out of National Geographic magazines on my wall which was super lame but super nonetheless.

Little environments that we call home are cool because no matter what situation you find yourself in, you somehow make do with what is available at the time. People use tents as homes and cardboard boxes and caves and other things you know and it's kind of like when you find yourself lost in the wilderness you still look for the most concealed little space where you can be protected from scary things in the world and you do stuff to make it more comfortable like make a fire and a bed from leaves and dirt and stuff and even though the situation is not ideal you still survive, you know! There is no place like home, true, but in desperate times your home can be anywhere, made out of anything! I tend to get hung up on wanting to go home and be safe in my room but I don't know, thinking about it this way makes me feel a little silly!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lost in space

I bet you'd all forgotten that I was an art student! Here are some drawings I have been doing lately. I simply can't wait to get back to Uni, only... there is a long time to go. Mid-holiday blues!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just thought I would post some photographs of my newly re-decorated room! It's so exciting. Most of the pictures I put up on the walls are from my collection of old National Geographic magazines, from as early as 1940 to 1980. On Monday when I went to the movies by myself (which went well by the way, didn't die or suffer any severe social ridicule - might even do it again next week!) I also bought myself some Singapore orchids, I particularly like the blue ones, but Mum hates them because they aren't natural, blue dye is just put in their water and the white ones take the colour. I think they are cool anyway.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nike ambitions

Today I went to the Camberwell market which was alright, I got a few things like the above 1950's LIFE magazines and some old postcards, also, meet my new green chair! While I was wandering around a lady from The Age newspaper approached me and asked me if I would like to be in this new 'Street style' section, which is exciting! Apparently they are going to call me. I've always wanted to be in those fashion pages.

Also today, or more so this week I have been watching I Dream of Jeannie which I really enjoy. Having a bit of an overload but I shall forge onward, soon I will be up to the wedding of Tony and Jeannie which is quite thrilling. Anyway I have to go. Frank and Friends is on Magic 1278 tonight and I have to water my cactus. Tomorrow is finally the day that I go to see a movie BY MYSELF (cue suspense music from Jaws) I've never done it before but I decided seeing as though I'm meant to be an independent woman I should probably just, you know, do it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday nights on SBS

If you're keen to watch a film that might get close to changing your life, even in some minor way, then I recommend watching 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'. Directed by Julian Schnabel, an artist whom I've always admired, and based on the true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor of French ELLE magazine in the 1990s. In a sentence, this guy has a stroke and becomes paralyzed and writes a book by only communicating via blinking his left eye. I won't say anything else other than I really recommend watching it. Also, I'm desperate for a copy of Jean-Dominique Bauby's memoirs - the real life one, because I feel my mind will be further blown to smithereens. Ebay here I come.

Speaking of Ebay, I have lots of things up for sale at the moment, some great Vivienne Westwood shoes amongst other things. You can browse here:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stickers are cool

I spent the last of my 'Christmas money' on cacti and stickers. I use a lot of stickers in my art work so whenever I feel uninspired I go 'sticker shopping'. In a way, stickers are more appealing to me in the packets. Even when I was little, I loved stickers, but I would hate to actually use them like they were this precious thing, I mean you can only stick it once really, and you have to find a really special place to stick a really good sticker otherwise it's like you wasted it or something. I remember other children with stickers would like use a whole packet and stick them over the top of each other and all near each other, not spaced out or anything and that would really annoy me.

I would save stickers, collect stickers, look at stickers. In a way I really did want to go crazy with them and stick them everywhere like I had a infinite supply of them but how could I, knowing that that moment of pleasure would only last a second, and stickers are never as good once you've actually stuck them.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paint it... 'Warm Neutral'

Today, after many days and months and years of procrastinating, I finally painted my room. It was hard work and took me all day and a lot of moving of all my bric-a-brac, but it is finished and I really like it A LOT. I'm currently watching I Dream of Jeannie in the calming company of 'warm neutral', and sorting out pictures I want to pin up on my walls. My dog is not helping, just walking over the pictures I have strewn all over the floor.

It was so satisfying to paint over the gaudy pink that I liked when I was 15. I wish I did it sooner, it makes the space bigger and less like a Brady Bunch bedroom and more like a 20 year old's bedroom. Tomorrow I am going to finish 'decorating' in my new theme which is less clutter more cactus. In the morning I am going straight out to buy some, cactuses that is. Another one of those things that I must do immediately, like dying my hair, cutting my hair, painting my room... I think the New Year is encouraging my usually non-existent spontaneity.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends 4EVA

'Best friends' are so cool. I used to have a best friend when I was in primary school, but ever since then I've never really had a real one. You know, one like who you ring up on the phone whenever you want and talk about nothing, and you both like the same things and they just come over to your house and you just do nothing together and you share clothes and you really just get along really well like sisters and you do everything together. Is having a best friend just something you do when you are little, or is it possible for this kind of intense relationship to exist when one is older?

I mean I know people who are best friends. It's brilliant and I'm a little jealous. I mean I have friends, y'know, good friends, too, close friends, but I don't know if it's just that people in art school are so 'individual' and independent that they don't need or want a 'best friend' kind of relationship, or if it's something that's a little out of fashion. I reckon it would be real fun to have a best friend because then I'd have someone to come with me and do things like I did yesterday and I'd have someone to see movies with and go to parties where I don't know anyone with. And, sometimes, I think people are more powerful in pairs, you know.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Especially for you

Today I decided to have a 'Day of Minna', which means I spend a day by myself doing things I want to do. Technically every day is a day of Minna though, I suppose. So I went to the NGV and ACCA, lay in the sun at the Botanical Gardens, then went to Savers. I enjoyed myself, and was glad to get back to the 'real world', living in the suburbs means that on holidays I rarely leave my 'local area', most of the time I have no reason to, other than for my sanity. Which is, you know, occasionally important.

Above is me standing in front of the Grand Canyon wearing the outfit I wore today, and also a too good to be true record that I found. Mrs. Mills 'Especially For You'. Look at it in all it's glory, the flowers, the font, MRS.MILLS. Truth be told I haven't listened to it yet because I am slightly scared, I think rightfully so.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We understand your paranoia

The 'art vibes' are seriously kicking in at the moment. The new year does inspire me to make and do various other spontaneous un-thought out acts such as cutting off my hair on New Years Eve, now it's shoulder length. My luxurious locks are looking at me from the bin right now and I gotta say, I regret it slightly. SLIGHTLY. Anyway if I just keep drawing and writing I should be able to distract myself long enough for it to grow back.

So I had a really good New Years Eve with my short hair. We basically did everything one could ever hope to do on a New Years Eve, despite not being too enthused about it initially. We started on the champagne admittedly quite early in the afternoon, then cooked a wonderful dinner, went to our friends gig as 'groupies', went to a house party with the 'drama people' from Uni, went to Bar Open on Brunswick Street, went to another house party that was in fact two house parties right next door to each other, which was cool except at that point I was on the water and very hungry and had blisters so we decided to go home. It was great fun but, New Years Eve got me a-thinkin' about the looming 'GREAT UNKNOWN'.

The great unknown is the fact that, at the end of this year, I will graduate from my degree in Fine Art. Before I go on, let us just take a moment to remember my lame posts on my old blog about going to orientation for my course and being so excited about 'making friends', or even some of my loyal readers may remember when I was in Year 12, talking about how desperately I wanted to get into the painting at VCA. Anyway seems like only yesterday that my dreams came true and now, somehow, time has kept ticking as it does and I only have one more year left. I know how fast it will fly. There is now the anxiety inducing question being asked of me, WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU FINISH?

Dear God. Jesus Christ, oh golly. I have decided that I must decide what I am going to do next year by the end of the holidays. I do not want that question looming over me for the whole year while I am trying to focus on making 'good art'. I know that I want to study writing, but I do not know where or how or why or even if I am good enough. So, Google to the rescue, I am going to research my little heart out and make some serious New Year decisions. I have kind of forgotten about the practicalities of life while I have been in the bubble of Art school, as I think many do. I am hoping to make the transition at the end of the year as smooth as possible, so gradually from bubble world to real world I go, with pink hair, a blue pen and my typewriter.