Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I write

I don't know why I write. But lately, ever since... I don't know, ever since June or something, I have started writing poetry. One just came to me one day like a thumb pressing down on my head from the sky and they kept coming. I don't know if I am good but I almost don't care. I write because it feels good, and it feels like I need to. I am currently working on Issue #3 of my Zine 'Praying 4 u' and I am including a lot of poems. I don't know if it's just me but when I refer to it as poetry I feel weird or stupid or something. Technically it's poetry I guess but to me it's more like.. drawing or something, it's the same release. Anyway this is the cover for my new Zine, and below is a 'poem' I drew. Also, if you want to buy copies or Issue #2 of 'Praying 4 U', I recently dropped a whole bunch into Sticky Institute in the Degraves Street underpass so you can go there. Okay. Good.
'I did a crossword with my Nanna but was thinking about that time' By Minna Gilligan, 2010

Microscopic specs of dirt and dust and lust
there is an echo in your disintegrating art deco hollow I
cannot find function in your form
appear forlorn and cradle photographs of moldy mattresses
with seeping green lights of envy blackness
ominous like Madonna above my bed
to you I recited verses from 'On the Road'
Kerouac bled.

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