Sunday, December 19, 2010

What I think about time

Time is a weird time. Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly counting down time. Counting down time until the train comes, until an auction ends on Ebay, until I have to leave, until my friend comes over, until I go on holidays, until I go back to Uni, until I finish my degree. Time is small. Time is big, time is never any one time, time is nothing but it is everything. Oh golly. Do you get what I mean? Time is fast and slow.

This will sound stupid, but I kind of think that measuring time in minutes and seconds and hours is weird because time is SO variable. Time is a mental thing to me. How long is two months? Well it's eight weeks and around 56 days but basically all that means is that the sun will rise and then set 56 times. It depends on how bored you are or how sad you are or how much you miss someone in that two months that decides on how fast or slow this time will travel for you. Time is perception, like how long it seems to the individual not how long it mathematically or metaphysically is.

Time is perception, and it is a perception that changes as we grow older. I remember being little and thinking how long a day at school was, how long an hour was and how long a 2 hour car trip to the beach was. When I was young, time seemed infinite and it was not often that I would count time down. Now that I am older, not only do hours fly by quickly but years have come and gone before I have even really realized. The calendar says it's almost 2011 but time wise I personally don't feel like it should. I feel like I'm running out of time, personally, anyway, because I think it's important to remember that even after the existence of all that inhabit earth, time will still survive. I don't know in what form or who, if anyone, will be around to mentally measure it - but I know one thing and that is time is indestructible. I like to believe, anyway, but I'll stop wasting your time.

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