Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super special

As you can see I have been doing some SERIOUS Zine making today. I felt so great because I finally have my very own typewriter! I bought it off Ebay and it came in the mail first thing this morning. I was and still am very very excited! Typing on a typewriter is a really manual process, particularly on mine because it needs a new ribbon and I really have to pound the keys. But I love it, I love the sound. I was talking before about how for me drawing and writing are pretty much the same thing, and this seems to make it more so. With a typewriter, getting the words onto paper is really physical action, like drawing. You feel the words more and you think about them more than you would on a computer. Well that's what I think anyway.

So I have been crazily working on Issue #3 of my Zine, it will definitely have more bang for your buck. The more Zines I make, the better I get at it. This one really is going to be great because it was so great to make! And I'm getting better at writing and stuff now. It's going to have over 30 pages too, which is like when the Baby Sitters club had 'Super Specials' which were thicker than a usual Baby Sitters Club book and they went on like cruises and holidays and stuff. Issue #3 of Praying 4 U is a BUMPER ISSUE and will be finished soon, at the rate I'm going. (No tropical cruises though, sorry to get your hopes up)

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