Monday, December 27, 2010

Much too good for children

I am writing this by the light of my new Lava lamp as I listen to my love Leonard Cohen. I enjoy the letter 'L'. I have been unusually relaxed these past couple of days, I am enjoying myself - just pottering around home, listening to music, drawing, watching movies, and even doing a puzzle. When I spend extended time at home I can't help but wonder what the people with social lives are doing and achieving. They're out talking and meeting people and existing while time just peters away for me as I sit at home doing this, for example. Is there anything wrong with not being overly social? (apart from the fact that I will most likely end up an old maid).

I do feel a little isolated at the moment, I must say some company would not go astray. I have found myself with three penpals all of whom I am enjoying writing too, letter writing is a fantastic way to have company without actually having company. I obviously also love receiving letters, but as we all know there's "No post on Sundays" and no post on public holidays e.g Monday and Tuesday so I must be even just a little patient. Ah the life of a 20 year old. Waiting for the mail, doing puzzles, getting inappropriately drunk at a work function and staring into space for most of the night. Sometimes I feel like I've turned into an 80 year old, except for the work function part. I am all too often a tragic time, but I know I just couldn't be the only one!

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