Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mashed Potato Time

It was my 20th birthday on the 29th of November. I had a really fantastic day and night. I feel like birthdays are weird because it's just a regular day but there's this mentality that it's YOUR birthday and YOU DESERVE to get everything YOU want and YOU are supposed to expect to be showered in love and adoration and gifts. On my birthday I just want to be with people I love. Gifts are more a sentimental thing, not materialistic, I love receiving books and music and handmade cards because those kind of things I associate with the relationship I have with that person.

The night before my birthday, I went out with my whole family for dinner which was lovely. On the way home, we stopped off at the supermarket very late, probably about 11.30, to do some grocery shopping, as you do. I had two weird urges, one was to buy a copy of Grease on DVD and the other was to buy fortune cookies. I bought fortune cookies because I really would have been too tired to stay up and watch Grease. We got home and it was my birthday and I hung out in my candle lit room and listened to music and flitted around my eating fortune cookies and reading my accurate fortunes.

I stayed up late the night of my birthday, too, with my friends at the infamous 'Manor' and it's extended family. I had a really, really fantastic night. I really did. Really. When I got home late in the afternoon I checked my Facebook and just laughed at some of the people who actually wrote on my 'wall' for my birthday. I think it's hilarious that people I haven't talked to for a good 10 years or something write things like 'Happy Birthday gorgeous', half the time I just want to write like 'WHO ARE YOU?'. I mean they wouldn't even say hello to me if I saw them in real life. Maybe they're so simple simon that it's just automatic and they don't analyze our non-existent relationship like I do. They're just like, right, it's someone's birthday, may as well wish them happiness. Maybe it's kind of nice. I don't know.

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