Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wilde bunch

In 1904, Claude Monet said "What I need most of all are flowers. Always, always." This was going around and around in my head today. My Mum is opening a florist and this morning we went to the markets and bought our first weeks supply of flowers. Flowers. They are these beautiful, thriving and living things. I love them not only because they remind me of being a child and visiting my Mum's work, but just the scent and the richness in the gesture of giving flowers. I am going to work at the florist a lot these holidays, and I'm kind of excited. I feel like I could definitely incorporate flowers into my art work, but also learn some practical skills. Not that I want to be a florist but who knows when things like that will come in handy.

I'm already picking up names of flowers and learning the individual requirements of each one. It's so interesting that these things, while similar, are each individual entities, no two petals alike or something. They're like humans. When I was younger I read a Roald Dahl book called something like 'Unexpected Tales' which, I was not aware at the time but it was a book for adults. Anyway so there were all these short stories in it, and one of them was about this man, who invented this device that could hear extremely high pitched sounds not usually accessed by the human ear. He went outside with device on and his neighbour was picking flowers. He was able to hear ear piercing screams of pain each time she cut a stem. Because I was young I thought this to be a true story and really believed that flowers felt pain and screamed like a human in agony when they were picked. Even though now I know that perhaps this is not the case, I like to treat them well and give them lots of water and handle them gently because I guess, you never know or something.

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