Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A risen time

Today was a warm time. My friend Cheralyn and I were warm in the Manor with the oven on because we baked an incredible cake for our friends birthday. I will attempt to describe it's glory in words here. The cake is made up of two layers. The bottom level of the cake is marbled with plain cake and chocolate cake, mixed in are many pieces of crunched up Twix bars. The top layer is also marbled, except with pieces of crushed up Oreo. The icing is on the top of the cake and holding the two layers together. It is peanut butter icing. We decorated the cake with orange M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles and more crushed up Oreos. We shall call it.. ah, a really good cake. We get to eat it tomorrow at a picnic we are all going too. It will be grand.

Above is my warm weather outfit for today, although I ended up changing my top so the outfit looked entirely different and my top was too short and it just was generally a bad time. I hate it when, at the last minute you make a snap decision to change something and you walk out the door and you're stuck with it for the rest of the day and sometimes well into the night. This was one of those things.

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