Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh dear

I'm feeling a little more enthused about holidays after African food and a spontaneous Brunswick Street rage last night. The vibes for me were cherries, toffee apples, frills, spills, cap guns, making fools out of one's self and cigarettes. They're addictive you know.

I felt like I had heaps of profound conversations over African cuisine last night which, now looking back sober, could potentially have just been normal, even nonsensical. Anyway I had this conversation with my friend about people as individual entities, and kind of the chaos that ensues when you get intimately involved with someone and the way I could explain it was like we are all little circles with hundreds of lines coming out of us and each line goes to another person like this big jumble of emotion and chaotic shit and everything everyone feels is kind of transferred between people making everything one huge complicated mess of overlapping emotional and mental interconnectivity. A relationship is an attempt to fuse not just two people together, but a whole lot of people, all with individual feelings and memories and hurt and pain and joy and other shit. It's hard y'know, but I mean what do you expect!?

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