Friday, November 5, 2010

Manor mornings

Well second year is all over, and to celebrate we went a little wild last night. It was a fantastic beginning to the holidays. We needed it. I think everyone in my year level is feeling a bit the same, it's kind of a feeling of just realizing how amazing this art school experience is when we only have a year left - like we just started something that is already coming to an end. I know next year will be a fantastic year though, if this one has been any indication.

Last night there was much discussion about how each of us couldn't see ourselves doing anything other than this. Art school is an experience that opens your eyes and mind allowing you to realize the extent of what it is to be human, or something... I've learnt so much about myself and forged relationships with incredible and intelligent like minded people.

I sit here looking at all my art from this semester piled up in my room and I'm proud and happy that the environment I have been learning in has allowed me the freedom to reach further out to discover these ways of working. I have reveled in being left to my own devices. I now find inspiration in everything and see things so differently. For me, and many of my classmates - art is a way of seeing.

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