Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darning socks

The above picture is how I feel when I'm at home doing nothing. I meant to post it with the below post but I forgot.
I found these cute 70s pill boxes at an Op Shop yesterday, I really love them! Especially the Virgo one. Pity I'm not actually Virgo. I am Sagittarius though but that one's kind of not as good.

I had work today, I've been working a fair bit at the cafe' lately because, well, what else do I have to do I guess. So anyway I was thinking today about working at a cafe' and how interesting it is with customers and how sometimes they immediately make the assumption that you're an idiot and must be spoken to like one. Sometimes I can just not care and be an idiot in their eyes but other times it's really hard and I feel like somehow proving my intelligence to them or something.

Sometimes customers who are vaguely nice ask me what I 'do' and I tell them I'm studying Fine Art and most of them are just kind of like ohhh lovely do you paint landscapes and I'm just like ah occasionally. This may sound stuck up but I do find that in my area - 'the suburbs' (For the record I do love the suburbs, will speak about this in a later post), that people don't understand the concept of art school. I was talking to my friend yesterday about how incredible this experience has been so far and how much our minds have been opened, I mean I didn't even understand the concept of art school before I went you know - and we were saying how amazing the world would be if everyone went to Art School. Everyone. I've said this many a time but it's a way of SEEING and LIVING and observing. Ah I sound like a preacher. Praise the lord. Sorry. I'm so annoyed, I got home in time to watch the 6pm Simpsons and they have some kind of 'engagement special' for Prince William and I'm just like NO so that's why I'm writing this. See ya.

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