Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have this funny thing that started from a conversation with my family. It begun when I was telling one of the many stories about customers at my work, as I refer to quite a few of them as 'Simple Simons'. I was explaining how painful it was for me to be involved in this particular exchange with this particular 'Simple Simon' because I am a 'Complex Simon', and my Mum is like oh, Simple Simon talking to Complex Simon, and it's just really funny.

I like it though because really for me the term Complex Simon describes me and many other people I know. The Complex Simons of the world suffer from their ability of razor perception. Sometimes I wish I were a Simple Simon just so I could go along, you know? It looks so easy to be a Simple Simon. They don't even know they're one.

Above is me doing my best Complex Simon face, (not really)

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