Saturday, November 27, 2010

You look familiar

I like being familiar.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Come into my world

I read lots of blogs, and when I read the blogs of people I do not know in 'real life', I feel like their existence is somewhat abstract. While they have shared with me intimate details about their lives and innermost emotions but I can't visualize them in a space, I can't help but doubt their solidity in the universe or something. So, to give you all a good idea about my existence really and truly, here are photographs of my room, totally as it is right now, I didn't move any mess embarrassing shit or anything. This is just it, and since I was 15 it's descended into the realms of insanity, along with myself. I kind of wanted a room like Marcia Brady except now it's just got totally out of hand.

Wilde bunch

In 1904, Claude Monet said "What I need most of all are flowers. Always, always." This was going around and around in my head today. My Mum is opening a florist and this morning we went to the markets and bought our first weeks supply of flowers. Flowers. They are these beautiful, thriving and living things. I love them not only because they remind me of being a child and visiting my Mum's work, but just the scent and the richness in the gesture of giving flowers. I am going to work at the florist a lot these holidays, and I'm kind of excited. I feel like I could definitely incorporate flowers into my art work, but also learn some practical skills. Not that I want to be a florist but who knows when things like that will come in handy.

I'm already picking up names of flowers and learning the individual requirements of each one. It's so interesting that these things, while similar, are each individual entities, no two petals alike or something. They're like humans. When I was younger I read a Roald Dahl book called something like 'Unexpected Tales' which, I was not aware at the time but it was a book for adults. Anyway so there were all these short stories in it, and one of them was about this man, who invented this device that could hear extremely high pitched sounds not usually accessed by the human ear. He went outside with device on and his neighbour was picking flowers. He was able to hear ear piercing screams of pain each time she cut a stem. Because I was young I thought this to be a true story and really believed that flowers felt pain and screamed like a human in agony when they were picked. Even though now I know that perhaps this is not the case, I like to treat them well and give them lots of water and handle them gently because I guess, you never know or something.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have this funny thing that started from a conversation with my family. It begun when I was telling one of the many stories about customers at my work, as I refer to quite a few of them as 'Simple Simons'. I was explaining how painful it was for me to be involved in this particular exchange with this particular 'Simple Simon' because I am a 'Complex Simon', and my Mum is like oh, Simple Simon talking to Complex Simon, and it's just really funny.

I like it though because really for me the term Complex Simon describes me and many other people I know. The Complex Simons of the world suffer from their ability of razor perception. Sometimes I wish I were a Simple Simon just so I could go along, you know? It looks so easy to be a Simple Simon. They don't even know they're one.

Above is me doing my best Complex Simon face, (not really)

I don't feel like it anymore

I have been doing lots of art in between a few social engagements, I'm definitely relaxing and settling into the holiday routine now, I was really wound up at the start because I guess I'd been working really hard for a long time then it just kind of stopped. I really don't like that point of stopping. Something winds up and up building hopes or adrenaline higher and higher and then there's just a huge drop, kind of like a plummet in the stock market or something. Then everyone, still in the mentality they were when things were crazy, have no idea what to do with themselves. It's the point where you get sick, or sad, or bored, it's what your body does when it doesn't know what else to do.

We're quite resilient or something though. We take a little bit of time but we do adjust again, beginning to enjoy the sunny afternoons at home and go with the flow just that little bit more. I'm loosening up, slightly.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darning socks

The above picture is how I feel when I'm at home doing nothing. I meant to post it with the below post but I forgot.
I found these cute 70s pill boxes at an Op Shop yesterday, I really love them! Especially the Virgo one. Pity I'm not actually Virgo. I am Sagittarius though but that one's kind of not as good.

I had work today, I've been working a fair bit at the cafe' lately because, well, what else do I have to do I guess. So anyway I was thinking today about working at a cafe' and how interesting it is with customers and how sometimes they immediately make the assumption that you're an idiot and must be spoken to like one. Sometimes I can just not care and be an idiot in their eyes but other times it's really hard and I feel like somehow proving my intelligence to them or something.

Sometimes customers who are vaguely nice ask me what I 'do' and I tell them I'm studying Fine Art and most of them are just kind of like ohhh lovely do you paint landscapes and I'm just like ah occasionally. This may sound stuck up but I do find that in my area - 'the suburbs' (For the record I do love the suburbs, will speak about this in a later post), that people don't understand the concept of art school. I was talking to my friend yesterday about how incredible this experience has been so far and how much our minds have been opened, I mean I didn't even understand the concept of art school before I went you know - and we were saying how amazing the world would be if everyone went to Art School. Everyone. I've said this many a time but it's a way of SEEING and LIVING and observing. Ah I sound like a preacher. Praise the lord. Sorry. I'm so annoyed, I got home in time to watch the 6pm Simpsons and they have some kind of 'engagement special' for Prince William and I'm just like NO so that's why I'm writing this. See ya.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh dear

I'm feeling a little more enthused about holidays after African food and a spontaneous Brunswick Street rage last night. The vibes for me were cherries, toffee apples, frills, spills, cap guns, making fools out of one's self and cigarettes. They're addictive you know.

I felt like I had heaps of profound conversations over African cuisine last night which, now looking back sober, could potentially have just been normal, even nonsensical. Anyway I had this conversation with my friend about people as individual entities, and kind of the chaos that ensues when you get intimately involved with someone and the way I could explain it was like we are all little circles with hundreds of lines coming out of us and each line goes to another person like this big jumble of emotion and chaotic shit and everything everyone feels is kind of transferred between people making everything one huge complicated mess of overlapping emotional and mental interconnectivity. A relationship is an attempt to fuse not just two people together, but a whole lot of people, all with individual feelings and memories and hurt and pain and joy and other shit. It's hard y'know, but I mean what do you expect!?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tragic times

I have nothing to do today. NOTHING. Usually I would revel in such a thing but today I do not want to do nothing. It's a tragic time! I've been drawing and making art stuff, but now it's 2.30 and I'm watching an Elvis movie (in the middle of the day oh my god), lying in bed, I can't believe it. I want to get dolled up and go somewhere fun and talk to humans who are not my family and get out of the vicinity of my local area. It's driving me mad. MAD. MAD. MAD.

Ongoing times

I developed these photos off a party camera that has been with me for about two months. I have almost stopped using my digital camera when it comes to capturing the times with my friends, because I like the honesty of the dodgy film and the fact that you only get one shot at it. My new philosophy is "The dodgier the better" although it is flawed and does not apply to everything. The thing about things that are dodgy is, like I said before, they are honest. They are honest and real, they are what they are and most of the time they're shit and there is no illusion otherwise. I love that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A risen time

Today was a warm time. My friend Cheralyn and I were warm in the Manor with the oven on because we baked an incredible cake for our friends birthday. I will attempt to describe it's glory in words here. The cake is made up of two layers. The bottom level of the cake is marbled with plain cake and chocolate cake, mixed in are many pieces of crunched up Twix bars. The top layer is also marbled, except with pieces of crushed up Oreo. The icing is on the top of the cake and holding the two layers together. It is peanut butter icing. We decorated the cake with orange M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles and more crushed up Oreos. We shall call it.. ah, a really good cake. We get to eat it tomorrow at a picnic we are all going too. It will be grand.

Above is my warm weather outfit for today, although I ended up changing my top so the outfit looked entirely different and my top was too short and it just was generally a bad time. I hate it when, at the last minute you make a snap decision to change something and you walk out the door and you're stuck with it for the rest of the day and sometimes well into the night. This was one of those things.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Crafty

Holidays are already becoming tedious. Already. I've been on holidays for... 4 days. I only have 4 months to go. 4 months is only 123 odd days. I can see some serious art getting made in this time. Serious meaning my dodgy scribble drawings with stickers and stuff, but still.

Today I filled my time with Op Shopping and drawing and making, I had two birthday presents to buy and today was the day to do so, I decided to buy myself some things too because you must know by now that is impossible for me to resist any opportunity to buy more clothes or useless knick nacks. Anyway so I made birthday cards, wrote a letter to my Aunty and wrapped presents creatively.

I love getting crafty, like with a glue stick and scissors and stickers and every craft supply under the sun. I find it relaxing, satisfying and fun. It has it all. I guess I like it so much because it's like being a child again, snipping and folding and sticking and scribbling and ruling and writing and ripping and taping and stuff to make little useless pretty things that feel fantastic to give and fantastic to receive. I will be the kind of person who handmakes cards for their friends and family for the rest of my life, no matter how childish it appears. Handmade cards rule. So does National Geographic magazine, I found one from 1965 today for 50 cents. Sweet deal.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Vibes

I have decided that the vibes for this summer will be 50s/70s. Seeing as I have heaps of 50s things, I need to stock up on my 70s things. So here are some words that kind of express collectively what I want to dress like: NATURAL, NUDE, STATIC RADIO, DIANE KEATON IN ANNIE HALL, MISSION BROWN, CHUNKY, DAGGY, GRAND CANYON.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lessons learnt

The third time's a charm, the fourth causes harm.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Manor mornings

Well second year is all over, and to celebrate we went a little wild last night. It was a fantastic beginning to the holidays. We needed it. I think everyone in my year level is feeling a bit the same, it's kind of a feeling of just realizing how amazing this art school experience is when we only have a year left - like we just started something that is already coming to an end. I know next year will be a fantastic year though, if this one has been any indication.

Last night there was much discussion about how each of us couldn't see ourselves doing anything other than this. Art school is an experience that opens your eyes and mind allowing you to realize the extent of what it is to be human, or something... I've learnt so much about myself and forged relationships with incredible and intelligent like minded people.

I sit here looking at all my art from this semester piled up in my room and I'm proud and happy that the environment I have been learning in has allowed me the freedom to reach further out to discover these ways of working. I have reveled in being left to my own devices. I now find inspiration in everything and see things so differently. For me, and many of my classmates - art is a way of seeing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Still praying 4 u

Issue #2 of my Zine is completed! It's bigger (by 2 pages) better (comparatively) and has a smiley face on the back cover. Ahh so tomorrow I am printing more copies, and dropping them into Sticky Institute in the Degraves St underpass. You can also contact me on my email address if you want to buy a copy through me :) They are $3 girlfriends and boyfriends!