Monday, October 4, 2010

Uncertain destiny

Is everyone in the world in a hideously good mood or is it just me? It's sickening actually but I love it too. All I have to think about is art. It's fantastic. Art is it all.

My new life philosophy is to go with the flow. I am going to attempt to be less uptight, maybe stuff around a bit more or something. It started with art and now it's seeping in to my life. I can do whatever I want. My scribble drawings were the precursor for this drastic change of heart. As soon as you let go of all constraints and rules everything falls into place. With these drawings I get out exactly what I want to. We must learn to unlearn everything and go back to primal basics of expression without the attempts to reproduce what is already there, to create new environments and spaces within the one we inhabit. I'm so excited.

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