Sunday, October 17, 2010

Right, well

At work, my favourite thing to do is make milkshakes for people. I like making milkshakes because of the following reasons:
1. I get to use the artificially coloured toppings. My favourite one to use is blue because it looks so ridiculously unnatural. I usually put in lots of topping when I am making milkshakes for children because I know they will like it and it will piss off their parents later when the sugar hits their blood stream.
2. Sometimes I 'accidently' make too much milkshake so it doesn't all fit in the glass, then I get to drink the left overs.
3. With the topping, I do little designs on the top of the milkshakes, as a kind of finishing touch or cute thing for kids. I'm meant to do like a love heart or a squiggle but when I'm feeling in the mood I do a pentagram. There are these church people that come into the cafe' and I do cute little strawberry flavored pentagrams on the milkshakes for their kids.

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