Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rain rain go away

This fucking rain. (I hardly ever swear). Can it just stop please. I have things to do. I wasn't feeling much like going out last night because of the rain, which sounds pathetic, and is, but it just does something to you physiologically. I braved the weather though, as a half-hearted 'goth' (for Halloween) and ended up having a really really great time. It's rare, but sometimes you just have a really good night, you know. We had the smoke machine and the strobe light and it was seriously going off with Eminem in the tiny living room of my friend's house. Then I had work this morning. I felt like raging all night but it's against my responsible nature that comes out when I have an 8 hour shift the next day.

It's rare, but I love it when I get in these moods where I just honestly do not care about anything like the time or money or whatever. Although I usually pay for my bouts of freedom the next day, I just love honestly being like WHATEVER. The saying "whatever" is great. I use it often but because I'm so uptight I only rarely really mean it. I really mean it at times like last night when I just really feel what actually matters, like money doesn't matter and it doesn't matter if you're hungover for your stupid part time job or it doesn't matter if you can't get home because that's what being a teenager is about and I feel like I'm better at being a teenager now than when I was really a teenager. I only have a month left of being a teen so I better make the most of it. Or whatever. Whatever really. Fucking whatever.

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