Sunday, October 10, 2010


Also, I have been writing 'poems'. I really, really love it, so much. My next zine will be a combination of my writing and drawings. I am so excited about making it. Here is a poem I wrote tonight. They're kind of jumpy and lame and amateur and crude but I feel like writing expresses exactly what I want, what I want to say. I am obsessed with 'crude' at the moment. I want everything I make to be kind of crude. Not rude, but crude.

With the permanence of ink I recall my irrevocable loneliness that
held my like wax or a sultry gaze in a haze,
like the beauty of a brittle wrist
and the thin skin around your eyes.
I loved it like sand,
and your awkward thighs.
Fake flowers in my hair as I was by myself
the plastic I thought
would help.

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