Friday, October 29, 2010

It's too late for DIY philosophy

I was thinking today. I was thinking about living and dying. If you had the opportunity to live forever, then what is living without dying? You cannot have life without death, just as you cannot have death without life. If we were granted eternal life, does this making living just 'existing'? So if life does not exist without death, then the concept of eternal life is an implausible. Eternal existence is more accurate, I think, or the most accurate you could get when trying to describe an indescribable state.

This reminds me of when my little sister was littler, and she used to refer to times before she was born as times when she was 'dead'. Mum used to always explain to her that she was not dead, just not alive yet. Where there was no life, there was no death - just non-existence. That state of nothingness really freaks me out. For thousands of years we were totally non-existent nothing and now we are something that's everything we need to make our nothing into something, if we so desire.

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